Baby vida

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my baby came esta am more hi I’m Molly from baby betta and we’re here with our oxygen monitor and it’s a little monitor that fits on the heel of your baby’s foot and it actually secured in place with the ultra soft saw and it’s for peace of mind for parents when you want to put your child to bed and you can actually monitor their oxygen levels in their heart rate wirelessly blue chip through bluetooth and you can actually then when you’re going to sleep you can walk you can check that clear monitor and check your your phone or your iPad instead of actually going into the nursery and checking your baby and it’s either of those levels fall there’s an alarm function and it alarm you and let you know if you need to go and check on your child okay yeah and then you can either it’s Bluetooth and you can take it with you can travel with it it’s easy to use we use they use it car seats and strollers anytime your baby’s going to go to sleep send you know you know if they’re sleeping safely soundly and then you could check on them through your your phone or your iPad so you can find

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