Baby Monkey | Doo Takes A Bath In An Inflatable Swimming Pool With His Brother

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Hello, our dear friends It’s summer now and the weather is very hot So Mom lets Tom and Doo take a bath in the inflatable swimming pool Tom loves taking bath in this pool but Doo is quite afraid So Doo clings to his brother, Tom and he hugs Tom tightly Although Mom knows he’s afraid but Mom wants he can play with water to feel cooler with this hot summer I realize that Doo doesn’t like water like other monkeys that are different from Doo’s breed Tom is very interested in bathing in this pool Little Doo scratched his head Doo doesn’t like but I like getting a bath Give Doo a dinosaur to play.. I like lion Doo wants to play and bathe with Tom but Doo doesn’t dare He only runs around the inflatable pool Doo plays water with brother, please You like doing like that, dear? Yes, Mom After taking a bath, Doo sunbathes to dry his fur He likes eating cucumber and it’s very fresh Thank you so much for watching Have a nice and happy day

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