Baby Massage Techniques

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Doing simple baby massage techniques
helps your baby get through trying times such as teething and colic. However it is also a fantastic way to improve bonding and attachment between baby and mum and dad. Let me show you some simple techniques that you can do at home with your baby. Before we start any massage we do what we call the velvet cloak. The velvet cloak helps baby to relax and to prepare for the massage. We can then move on to the stomach massage. This is called the paddling. This helps to compress the abdomen, helps with bowel movements and trapped wind. We also do leg massage. These aid in circulation. And to relieve teething pain we do a gum massage. As you can see these are really simple
techniques that you can do with baby at home. Here at BHT we run regular baby massage session. Contact us to book onto one of our sessions or to find out more.

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