Baby Bear vs Squirrel – Bear Bathroom – U And Bear Family EP06 – 09 – Cartoon Kids

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as usual please clean up everything in
the house honey I don’t want to see a speck of dust what’s the matter view it oh you are
peeing no problem no problem look see perfect alright baby
we have to get everything done before your mommy gets back oh gosh I think I
left a hurry what is it baby it’s already that time dad we’ll make
you some lunch Oh babies all right oh my oh my oh oh no
you it’s lunch but you wouldn’t maybe where did you go the baby must be hiding here somewhere
not here un-un daddy will come and save you stay there don’t move I’ve got to think of a way hmm you and
daddy’s here whatever you do don’t look down that’s here to save you
oh we still have a lot of housework left baby daddy’s here to save you daddy
don’t be afraid Ewan Ewan that’s hair you’re fine that’s
good well I seem like I’m in trouble baby did you have fun today squirrel
friend oh you made a new friend come in is there any wonder I’m up here can
anyone help please and then get in here right now I’ll have
to stay here for a while it’s safe here you and you made such a
nice friends but it was in my yard it wasn’t my fault
what is sensitive squirrel maybe he’s nuts it’s finished you and it’s okay
your breakfast is ready but before that we have to what should I do you and it’s
dirty again honey can you give him a bath please you and how did you get so I’m a good daddy have mighty mighty
daddy bear my favorite rugby here we have to change a waterproof diaper for
you first we’ll take off your diaper then we’ll arrange a clean and
comfortable waterproof one Ewan it’s time to take a shower okay I think you
need to learn how to sit still what are you doing where are you going now let’s
take a bus don’t run around okay how’s this how’s that do you like it Ewan I’ll
close the door you stay here and behave okay Ewan stop moving around I think I’ll have to find a different
way look baby what’s this you like it don’t you is a little duck baby we’ll wash your hair first

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