Baby Alive Stroller & Car Seat Travel System With Lucy Doll Kids Toys

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Hey everyone! It’s Sandra from the DisneyCarToys
channel, and today we’re going to take a look at some official Baby Alive gear. This is a travel
system set. This is a really awesome set because it comes with three different ways for your baby to
travel – with a car seat, a stroller, and then the car seat attached to the stroller. Ooo, and check out
our travel system out of the box! We have this really lovely stroller. It has Baby Alive pattern fabric,
we’ve got Lucy riding in the stroller, and stickers you can add to the stroller and wheels. And right over here
we have our cute little baby Sophie, she’s hanging out in the infant car seat. Baby Alive stroller has some
really nice features like this canopy which folds in and out in case it’s raining or too sunny for your
baby. Lucy looks really comfy in here though. And there’s a tray so you can feed her food or she can eat some
snacks when you’re on a walk. Plus we have this really handy basket for holding all of your Baby Alive
gear. The baskets also perfect for holding you diaper bag so you have everything your baby needs if you go
out and about. Let’s take a look at our infant car seat. It’s got a little tray for our baby to eat snacks too
when she’s in the car, plus the handle pushes easily down so you can get your baby easily out or so you
can put her easily back in and then you turn the handle up so you can carry it. This Baby Alive travel system
reminds me a lot of a real baby stroller because you can take your infant car seat and place it right
inside the stroller. It kind of clips in right here. It’s super easy so you don’t have to take your baby in and
out of the car seat when you want to transfer her. Let’s take our baby on the worlds shortest walk! We’ve
reached our destination! Now it’s time to get our baby out. You just press the little buttons on the side
and then you can lift her up and the car seat is out. Now let’s check out what I packed for out little Baby
Alive outing here. Aww, we have a cute little baby teether and key toy with an elephant on it. And we
have diaper, and oh, another diaper, and ooo, Baby Alive food. Its peas, that looks yummy. And a bib,
we definitely need that with a Baby Alive doll. A cute little panda dish, a toothbrush for our brushy baby,
a spoon, we need that to eat, a bottle, we totally need that for an outing, and oh, that’s it! And
just like a real baby our Baby Alives get pretty hungry pretty quick. So I’m going to give Lucy a little
snack here with our Baby Alive peas, so let me open this up. This is so handy, there’s a tray so you can easily
feed them on the go. So let’s spill out all of our pea powder here. And now we just have to add three teaspoons
of water, hopefully that’s enough there. And let me stir it up. I feel like we haven’t given
our Baby Alive dolls real Baby Alive food for a while. And this looks kind of gross. Very green – she’s going
to have really bright green poopy. Now let’s feed our little Lucy doll. Mmm, it’s going to be good! I want
to make sure I feed her all her baby food because she’s really hungry, she needs food to grow. Plus I don’t
want to waste any food, and let’s see how full we can make her diaper. I’m sure it’s going to be
really full and probably super gross! Keep on eating Lucy! Woah, this Baby Alive food is going fast. Check out my
bowl. Just maybe one or two more bites. Mmm, yummy, yummy, everybody loves baby food peas, right?
Okay, one more bite and that’s the last one! Geez, check out Lucy’s face! She is a mess and
our bowl is a mess too. I’ll be doing the dishes pretty soon. But to help wash down the baby food peas, I’m
going to give her a little baby bottle of water too. Now this is my most favorite part, just kidding. Not my
favorite part – changing Lucy’s diaper. Ew! Oh, my goodness! Ahhh! Ah, that’s really green. Ew, she’s
got nasty green goop coming out of her, and she’s got green all over her body too. Check out this diaper too,
it is green too. It is like glowing a really bright green. So I’ve got a wet little paper towel, and I’m going
to wipe her with it, and you want to make sure your Baby Alive is fully dried so it doesn’t ruin
her plastic or her skin, so let me use a little dry paper towel too. There we go. And then adding a new diaper.
I feel like I have a lot of experience with this so, put it underneath her bum, between her legs and then
just attach on both sides, you want to make sure it’s kind of tight so it doesn’t fall off or
so she doesn’t leak pee or poo in the future. So, there we go, Lucy! Now Lucy is all clean, she’s full from her
food and water and she’s playing with her cute little elephant teether toy. And Sophie here is just relaxing.
Uh oh, she tipped over! Ahh! Poor Sophie, in her car seat. There she is. This is a really awesome travel
system set. There’s some more Baby Alive furniture I can film, so if you want to see that please give
me a like, subscribe, and in the comments let me know what you think of this cute little travel set.
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