At-Home Spa & Skin Treatments : Making an At-Home Spa Elixir

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Now that we’ve talked about how you can take
care of your skin from the outside, we’re going to talk a little about how you take
care of your skin from the inside. So one of things that we’re going to do, is an actual
drinkable potion, concoction. Tell, me, tell me. Yeah. So what do we do? O.k. Green tea
is a really great ingredient. Not only is it great in skin care products as we talked
about before the benefits of green tea being an anti-inflammatory. And it’s great for sensitive
skin. But it’s also great to put in your body to really help with your cardiovascular health.
It really helps hydrate the skin from the inside and it just gives your skin a lot of
Phytonutrients like Polifenols, which are really important. And anti-oxidants which
help to basically neutralize free radical damage which we get from the sun and which
we get from foods. And basically the air that we breathe. O.k., so I dropped the tea bag
in. You can put the tea bag in, just steep it in hot water. O.k. Or what we have here,
you know. You can have a little tea pot, if you’d like. O.k. Create a little ceremony
again. It’s all about your presentation to yourself. And it’s all about you know, the
ceremony of celebrating your skin. And celebrating your health. And just really pampering yourself.
And that’s a really nice way of doing it. O.k. I also have some green tea drops that
are concentrated green teas. O.k. And you can just put a few drops of that in water.
O.k. And I just have some spring water here. Any purified water is fine. You just want
to put about a dropper. But the whole dropper is great. Just right inside the water. Then
you’re going to just mix it up. And you’re going to drink that. The great thing about
the concentrated green tea is, that you get the equivalent of fifteen cups of green tea
in one dropper. So this cup right here, which has the concentrated green tea in it. Is going
to give you the benefits of drinking fifteen cups of green tea. And this one doesn’t have
caffeine and your calories. And it’s only slightly sweetened with a natural sweetener.
It tastes really delicious. People love it. And so, you’ll just naturally will drink more
of it. And it’s going to give you all the benefits of green tea. O.k., I’m going to
taste this. I’m going to hope that it tastes better than it looks. I’m going to tell you.
O.k., let’s see. O.k., it doesn’t even have sugar in it. And it’s sweet. I was thinking
it was going to be really bland but it’s really good. No, it’s actually delicious. And remember,
it’s equivalent to fifteen cups of green tea. So you’re getting all your Polifenols, all
the anti-oxidants. And everything that you want out of a green tea which is healthy,
good for you and good for your skin. That is really good. O.k., you’ve got to try this.
Because that is really good.

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Where would you find this? What brand is this?

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