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Hello this is Anja and I welcome you another episode of “The BBQ Lady” straight out of Bavaria in Germany. Today I am having an apple strudel, namely a Bavarian apple strudel… …the way my grandma had already prepared it. This is different from other strudels, because here we already have a sauce included. Specifically, it is made with cream, milk
and butter flakes. I made it in a Dutch Oven, but of course you can do in the kitchen oven in a baking dish. Have fun watching this video. Alright, let’s start. For our apple strudel, we of course need a dough. And for Bavarian apple strudel, a classic strudel dough. There are many different apple strudel recipes out there: the one with flaky pastry… … but also with yeast dough or for example curd dough. But again, for the Bavarian apple strudel we require the classic dough which is very elastic and stretchable. It’s said that you stretch it out so thin,
that you can read a newspaper through the dough. For that the strudel dough requires a special
flour, namely of the type 550. Another thing that makes it become very elastic is oil and some people even add a shot of vinegar. In my recipe, we aren’t doing that, but
of course you could do it in addition. Anyway: you will see later that this dough will get very elastic and that you can stretch it very nicely. Then you only need an egg, a pinch of salt
and some water, that’s it. And now I’d say we start. Here we go: You can prepare the dough in a bowl as well as on a wooden sheet, like mine. You just place the flour on the sheet and form a hollow. This is important so the flour or the dough doesn’t become flaky later. Now I will whisk my egg into the water and mix it. Then carefully pour the egg & water mix in the hollow. By whisking it there is more dough that gets into the mass which makes the dough become bigger or more solid. Alright, at some point you can start using your hands. Fine, this way it’s perfect. Not too sticky, not too dry. To be sure that it doesn’t dry out we will
now rub it with the oil. And then you will leave it – the way it is
– at a warm space for around half an hour. Now our dough-ball is ready, I rubbed it with
oil so now it’s ready to sit for 30 minutes. My grandma always warmed up a metal bowl in
the oven and placed it over the dough. Fine, I will go into the backyard and get the apples. Alright, back from the garden with some beautiful apples. This kind of apple belongs to the apple-kind which is harvestable already around mid-July. It is rather floury, the longer they stay
on the tree, the flourier they become. And they also taste sour, which is why they work so well for apple strudel. Of course, you can choose any apple you like though, any apple you have in your backyard… …or that is available to you, anything is possible. I will cut the apples in fours, cut out the
seeds and then cut it into fine slices. Alright, that’s how I am making it, cut
them with a little fruit-knife. Let me finish this process now, but what I
have to add is: This kind of apple turns brown fast, so it’s
good to keep some lemon juice ready… .. so you can prevent them from turning brown by pouring the lemon juice over them. OK, the apples are sliced, I also have raisins. Those aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so if you don’t like them, just leave them out, it works just as well without. Now I will pour a shot of rum into the raisins
and let it soak in. It adds a very nice flavour to the raisins and
therefore also to the apple strudel. Raisins and apples work very well together. Here we also add some cinnamon and some sugar. Again, you can sugar it as much as you want,
I personally will mix in 3 table spoons. Then I will let them sit again and take care
of the strudel dough and stretch it out. You find the exact list of ingredients anyway
below the video. Now we take care of the dough again, it rested for long enough while I was taking care of the apples. First we need a washcloth. A clean one! Then place some flour on the washcloth. I already prepared a rolling pin and will
devide the dough in two halves. I tried making an apple strudel with all of
the dough before but that makes it very hard to place it into the dish and it could rip apart. Let’s roll it a little bit. As next step we are off to stretching it. Now its elasticity is in question. The stretching is best done over the back of the hand. Very careful so it doesn’t rip. Alright, this should be enough, I can already
see the pattern of the cloth peaking through. Maybe a bit more on the edges. Good, now it’s getting very thin, almost starting to rip. Fine, done! And now we are placing in the apple-filling. Of course, only one half because we need the
rest for the second half of the dough. Here you leave around 3 centimeters (which is a little bit more than an inch) of space towards the edges. And towards the top you leave around 1/3 of
the size of the dough. At first the edges are folded in. Then we are utilizing the washcloth to roll
the apple strudel. The apples are pushing back a bit, but then
it closes without any big issues. Ok, it’s ripping here a little bit, but
that’s not too bad, we can fix that. Let me finish the other one and then we’ll
go outside to the Dutch oven. The Dutch Oven is going into my dutch oven retainer. At first we place some butter. Then some milk. And a can of cream. Alright, very good. I will let my apple strudels glide in, with
the opening facing towards the bottom of the oven. And we have to place some butter flakes on top. The strudel is now baked at 190 degrees Celsius (which is around 370 degrees Fahrenheit) for around 45 minutes. Of course you can prepare the apple strudel in the regular oven too, just place it on a baking dish, without a lid. Alright, close the lid and now cook for around 45 minutes. 20 minutes have passed and I will check on it. If necessary, I will add some milk. That looks pretty good already. Of course I will give it some more time. After 45 minutes this is how it looks, now
we can taste test it. You saw how I prepared my Bavarian apple strudel. Nothing got burned on the ground, and we don’t need a sauce, because it’s already in the pot. The sauce also protects the strudel from scorching. Just check on it when baking from time to time. I did as well, because you might have to pour in more milk. Finally I can try the Bavarian apple strudel. Let’s check it out. You can’t compare it to a classic apple
strudel like you know it with for example flaky pastry. Ours is supposed to look like this, very juicy. Mhm. Exactly how it’s supposed to taste. A very light note of cinnamon, then the rum
from the raisins. Mhm. It is very juicy and I am also very happy
with it and I’m going to enjoy this one now. If you like, try recreating it at home and
let me know how you liked it. Just drop me a line in the in the comments. I would be happy about a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribed yet, I will display something here so you can subscribe. And don’t forget to hit the bell, that way
you will be informed when I upload a new video. And will always stay in contact. Now I’ll say, take care, Anja, your “BBQ Lady”.

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That looks so delicious and I'm no fan of apples. Coals on top of the Dutch oven brilliant never seen that before. Thanks for sharing Anja

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