Amy Childs thanked by mums for revealing DANGERS of bathing babies too often

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Amy Childs thanked by mums for revealing DANGERS of bathing babies too often as midwives have their say on surprising advice AMY Childs has been thanked for mums for her advice on baths and babies. Amy Childs reveals shocking revelation about bath time [Amy Childs/Instagram]. Amy Childs – who gave birth to her daughter Polly in April 2017 – has made a surprise revelation about her seven-month-old baby. In a new video blog about her daughters bedtime routine, Amy revealed she only baths her daughter twice a week. The Only Way Is Essex original revealed she avoided over washing her daughter due to important information shed received from her midwife. She explained: I only bath Polly twice a week because the midwife did say to me if you keep bathing them every day they do get eczema. Amy Childs only baths her daughter Polly twice a week [Amy Childs/Instagram]. I suffered with eczema and I obviously don’t want Polly to have that. The revelation shocked many mums who have never heard the warning before. Commenting, one fan wrote: Wow I bath my girl every day maybe Ill cut back to every second day as she does have eczema. Another added: Are you serious? Im so glad you mentioned the eczema thing cos I used to bath my eldest every day after she was born and she now has such bad eczema. I didnt get told that bathing every day causes it.. Amy Childs with her daughter [Amy Childs/Instagram]. While a third agreed with Amy and commented: Midwife told me the exact same, bathing every night as a baby is unnecessary and washes away the skins natural oils that protect it, now my baby is four she needs a bath every night, such a mucky pup. So we spoke to Katie Hilton, Baby to Toddler Expert Midwife and Health Visitor from FamilyCare who told us Amy is correct. Speaking to OK! Online, she said: Most parents include bath time as part of their babys evening bedtime routine. However, daily baths can increase the risk of eczema in a small child. Bathing too often and frequently using bubble baths on your babys skin can cause the skin to dry out and it can remove essential oils from the skin’s surface which in turn leads to dryness and exposes baby’s skin to the risk of allergy and eczema.. Amys daughter Polly Childs was born in April 2017 [Amy Childs/Instagram]. Instead Kate advises to only clean around the essential areas. She added: We should be taking things back to basics and bath babies for the purpose of cleaning rather than being part of a bedtime routine. Small babies do not get very dirty other than around their mouths and their nappy area, so topping and tailing with a cloth and warm water every day combined with a couple of baths each week is perfectly adequate.

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