All Work No Play: Tap Dancing

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– [Sam] On today’s episode
of all work no play. – And one, two. (tapping) – [Valerie] Yes! – [Valerie] That makes me worried (tapping) – [Sam] Coming up. ♪ All Work No Play ♪ (video game music) – I think between last
episode and this episode, of this new video broadcast, – Uh-huh. – we’ve professionalized the institution. – Yeah. – I think we know what we’re doing now. – We’re established now? – Watch this, Liam. – Hey everybody welcome back to another episode of all work no play. I’m Sam Riegel and this is… – Liam o’Brien. – And we’re here for another fun example of nope that’s it. That’s all I got, I said example, I wanted to say episode. – Nope, couple of dumb fucks at a table with a little bit of whiskey in a cup. Let’s talk about our lives. – Yeah, by the way this tastes great. – Yeah. – Did Marisha make this? – This was made by our creative director, long may she reign. – Mmm, that is good, I love it it’s cold. – That is not a kool aid. – Liam, we’re back again! – We need to talk about
our lives some more. I have the pleasure of
sitting at this table with you again and pretending like our love is only platonic, I don’t do a very good job of pretending. – Well it’s great to see ya, it’s great to be with ya, it’s great to just hang out and chill. We did some more fun stuff that we want to tell the people
about at some point. – Yeah we’ll get to that, but I want to, again, we get together, – Gotta check in. – Yeah, we get together once a week and we save the fantasy world from fantasy dangers, or cause them. But I want to catch up with you about how your life is because I care. – Yeah, we’re gonna just get real right. – Okay. – This is just two dudes getting real. Real talk. – Real talk, wait hold on I’m not ready. (sipping drink) – A little realer now. – How’re your kids? – My kids are great. – Yeah, let’s go bigger
picture than we did last week. – [Sam] Okay, how so? – We talked about birthday parties, – That’s little stuff. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Fuck birthdays. – How old are your kids now, do they have jobs yet? (laughs) – You know funily enough,
my son does have a job. My son is six. – Yeah. – My daughters four. – I did not mean to set the ball up for that spike. – No but my son has a gig. – But your son is a workin man. – My son, I’ve gotten him to do some voice over stuff usually
with me as the director. There’s a little nepotism, but yeah, he’s come to work for me
on a couple of cartoons. – [Liam] Mhm. – And, jeeze. This guy so lucky. The first role he ever had on a cartoon, they made a toy of his character, – Yeah. – with his voice in the toy. – What? So now he just assumes that that’s what happens in life. Your dad brings you to work one day, and you get a toy with your voice on it. – He really is your child. (Sam laughs) – You mean lucky in every way? – Yeah, just handed an
entertainment career right off the bat, here you go sonny boy, a broadway tour go sing and dance with your gigantic smile and win the world over, it’s just that easy. (Sam sighs) (Liam mumbles) – Listen he’s had to work real hard to get to where he is. – Uh huh. – He went to the workshops. – He paid his dues. (laughing) – Yeah he paid his dues. – Had to work for that equity card, had to go be an extra so many times till it shot out that SAG card. – Oh yeah, yeah. – Man. – No he’s a pretty lucky kid, but he’s a great kid
and he loves doing it, and he loves hanging out with me at work and doing the cartoons and he’s done some dubbing work he dubbed a film that’s gonna come out next year. – Right. – He had to replace the voice of some other young actor who
couldn’t speak very clearly. – Right, they’re not feeling the Mickey Mouse they have anymore so. – Yeah but it’s weird to watch him do the stuff that we met doing. Like we started doing
dubbing together you know. – Oh my god, we lived and died by anime dubbing for years. – Yeah and now my six year old son is doing dubbing and it’s, – That’s pretty cool. – It’s weird. – That fly from last week is back. – Oh yeah, it probably
lives at the studio. – Fuck that motherfucker. – But yeah my kids are
at a real adorable age. – [Liam] Mhm. – They don’t have diapers anymore so it’s. – Yeah, we’re kind of, you’re joining me in the sweet spot where there is no more, well I have no more car seats. No more car seats. Not at all. – How do you protect
your children from death? – Guns. – [Sam] Oh sure. – Lots and lots of guns. – [Sam] There’s just
guns all around the car? – If you know me, you know it’s guns. (Sam laughs) – We travel a lot every
summer we make a point of traveling somewhere by plane. And for a couple of years we had the full on car seats that I would strap to my back like roman shields and just walk through
the airport like this. – Oh you took em with you? – Yeah we did. – Ohh that’s the worst. – And then it felt like such an upgrade to go from one roman
shield to just the booster which is just like a buckler, right. – Okay. – And then I had two bucklers and now I got nothing! – Wow! – And I can put the kids in a taxi, it’s like the restraints are off we can go anywhere! – You can uber your kids! – We uber’d yesterday! – [Sam] Wow! – Yeah. – [Sam] That’s madness. – Back to the entertainment
industry though. – [Sam] What? (Sam laughs) – Your son, – You’re like a viper. – Yeah your son, so he’s already started his VO path he’s done anime. – Yeah, he’s set. He’s all done. – [Liam] Right. – My daughter has not started working yet, she’s only four, give it till she’s five. – Right, how soon are you going to put her in the mines though. – I saw an opening for a late shift loading guy at the Fed
Ex so she’s going to be loading the trucks at the Fed Ex at night. – Right you know that’s
kinda like physical label is hard, physical labor. – Physical label? – Physical labels are hard. Did you get him? – Nope. (buzzer sounds) (Sam laughs) – Maybe start her off with something easier like telemarketing. – Sure. – Data entry. – Mmmm. – Accounting. – Word processing. – Word processing, right. – Is that a thing? – It used to be, I dunno. Boy I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how excel
worked in the 90’s. – You used to have some
fun jobs fundraising. Weren’t you a fundraiser? – Oh god I was that
asshole who would call you at home when you didn’t want to be, but I didn’t do it for vacuum cleaners I did it for the theatre. – That’s like being an actor. – Uh yeah. I worked for the Mark Taper Forum and Ahmanson Theatre here in town for a couple of years,
was really good at it. Won a trip to Hawaii. Lost my mind slowly over
a period of three years. – Pitch me. Just call me up, hello, yeah whose this? – Please don’t make me re live that chapter of my life. – Oh hey Mr.Riegel hey it’s just Liam calling ya from the theatre how’s it goin? – I’m in the middle of a thing. – No I know nobody
wants to get these calls but it is that time of year again, (Sam mouthing words) and The Ahmanson and Taper, you know, they’ve got their kids
programs are rolling out. – It’s just that I’m
burying a body right now and I don’t have much… – Well you’re gonna need to save your soul and you wanna do that
through the magic of the arts – Oh okay that’s fair. – So if you could give anywhere between 90 and 1100 dollars you could either get just either a flyer in the mail, – Let me check the body. – or better seats. – The body has 1100 dollars
on it, okay I’ll send it in. – When I was in New York
City I tried to do that I did it for the Manhattan Theatre Club in New York, great theatre. And then I stopped that job and just, I was doing regional
theatre around the country and I had to find another one, and I tried to do it for one
week for medical products. – Oof. – Oh my god my soul just darkened and dimmed and was the
tiniest candle flame for one week and then I ran screaming and then I moved to Los Angeles and everything worked out. – Oh, that’s great. So that’s the part of
the VH1 behind the music, does VH1 exist anymore? – I don’t know. – VH1 behind the music,
that’s the dark one. – Does VH1 exist anymore? – Nope. – Oh it does! No, I got a no a nodding and a kind of. – That’s conflicting information. (Sam laughing) My daughter, – [Sam] Uh huh. – Also loves the arts, is a big ham. – [Sam] Okay. – My daugter is kinda
like Travis in a way, Travis Willingham of critical role and voice acting, renowned, – Name drop. – Name drop. In that she is an amazing fucking athlete, she just ran a race, – Really? – this past weekend and there were 200 people in the race she was sixth in line – Whoa! – with the girls she was
the first from her school – Whoa! – I take her to Venice
beach here in California and they have those rings. – Yeah, sure. – It’s like seven or eight rings in a row. – No one can do those,
they’re really high up. – My daughter goes across like Spiderman and comes back, she is
built like a friggin tank. Romper Stomper is. But at the same time is
big ham, loves drama, she’s done Shakespeare classes. I’m terrified of throwing
her into the wolves den that is Los Angeles. – Well it sounds like
she can protect herself, by either running or
fighting with her muscles. – Well I also wanna get
her into martial arts so that she can break
off the nuts of anyone who goes where they shouldn’t. – Not just kick them but break them off. – Break em off. – Okay, sure. – To help herself and future women, with that particular individual. – As an example. – Another thing I’m gonna bring up cause I wanna talk about your kids and my kids in a non descript way. – Sure. – Is, dungeons and
dragons which has taken, – I’ve heard of it. – over our lives. Right? In the best way possible. I run games for my kids,
you have run a game? Two games? – I’ve run a couple games for my kids. – Yeah. – I certainly tell my child about our Critical Roles show every week, and he hangs on every word. – Right. – But my son also this
summer at summer camp played Dungeons and Dragons
a lot in summer camp they had a D and D program
at the summer camp. – Oh I didn’t know that. – Yeah, well yes, and after the first week he said that the teacher stopped coming and I was like “Whose running the game?” and he was like “I am”. – What? – Yeah. (laughter) – What, that’s amazing! (laughter) – Yeah. – So has he told you about his experience DMing for other kids? – Yes, I don’t think it was, there were no rules really
he would just kind of, – Well that’s the way it should be. – Yeah. – That’s the way it should be. – Yeah I don’t even know if he knows that there are different dice. – That reminds me, I drive a carpool of, one two three, four girls
to my daughters school. – Holy moly. – My daughter has a
ravenloft D and D campaign so she’s way in, and my son is way in but – And you run these games? – I run games for my daughter with four of her girl friends from school and my son with two of his friends from his school. – Sounds like a full time job. – It’s the best to
watch, I have bright kids and they’re responses to
it all is fascinating, and I’m a nerd so I like
just playing the game more. But my daughter in our carpool, there’s another girl who plays in her own D and D game unrelated. – Okay, oh she has a side game going? – Has a side game. Her dad might watch critical role. But they, on the car rides to school just this past week have started saying “Okay, here we go, we’re on an adventure” and I play like fantasy music in the car. – [Sam] In the car? – Yeah and they’re saying like, “Okay, we gotta go, oh
no the spies are coming, “run run run!” so that is essentially Dungeons and Dragons without, – [Sam] In a moving car. – the worrying about
the did I get the right amount of D6’s rolled or – If you have an accident would you tell the police officer “I was a little distracted because “they had just encountered
a beholder sir”. – My daughters friend rolled a nat 20 (Sam laughing) everyone gets excited, my hands might have flown off the wheel in celebration, you can’t blame me for that. – Yeah I feel like that’s a valid excuse. – [Liam] Why are you
cuffing me behind my back? – That’s incredible. – Yeah. I was gonna say my wife doesn’t know what happened because
before this, all of this – [Sam] Mhm. – Became a thing and we
played D and D at home, it was just like your and
my bowling night right. – [Sam] Mhm. – Like every six weeks we’d go off and we’d play games – It was dorky and stupid. – Yeah and our wives would go, “Where are you going?”, which is no longer a thing but my house is bathed in D and D, my kids are D and D addicts. I’m a D and D addict. When my wife and I met, the unifying, the thematic thing was the theatre which still exists but now just everywhere we go there’s dragon heads and spell cards and miniatures, – [Sam] Oh my god. – And dwarven forge and all this stuff, and Amy takes it with grace, she’s like, “Okay, good, everybody loves it”. – Good for her, she’s a good person. (laughter) – She is a good person. – I realized when I was
talking about my son the actor, I didn’t call him by name. Because the results of that
poll haven’t come back. – No? – He used to be called Harry Donald Trump. – Harry Donald Trump. – And we’re still just waiting on the lawyers from Anderson Cooper.. – Yeah some results are in, but there’s a lot of hanging Chads. – That’s not a law firm is it? That’s a man on CNN. – Once we get the whole hanging chad debacle figured out we’ll
have results for that. – Next week, next episode we’ll have the results and the name of my new, code name for my son. – How is the artist formerly known as HDT? – I mean, he’s the greatest. – Is he still skateboarding? – He has taken a break from skateboarding lessons because he’s
big into gymnastics now. – Oh yeah? – Yeah he’s on the boys pre team which I think is a scam. I think everyone gets on the boys pre team so they can get you to pay
more to take more lessons. – Mhm. – He’s real scared of Harry Potter but we’ve been reading
a lot of comic books. – [Liam] Okay. We’re reading Squirrel Girl now. He loves watching Double Dare. – Old episodes? – Old episodes of double
dare are on Netflix. – Gang if you don’t know
what Double Dare is, it’s a great kids game show from the 80’s? – Ahh, maybe late 80’s early 90’s? – Yeah the 80’s. Man I watched that. – Hosted by Mark Summer. Who I heard later , this
is gonna be fascinating for the audience who doesn’t care or know what Double Dare is. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Double Dare is a show where kids compete in physical challenges and
they usually get slimed or covered with fake
snot or whipped cream. – They had a giant nose on set that you had to dig in or something. – Yeah that was the picker or whatever. – Whatever. – Mark Summer, the host, was apparently a germaphobe so every
episode he had to get all this slime all over him and stuff, and kids, and at night he must have just gone home and boiled his hands. – Oh my god. – In boiling water. My kid is into that. – Is into that how, but you
made that happen somehow. – Yeah I just found it on Netflix one day and he just loved it. – You didn’t know that he would treat it like crack cocaine. – Yeah. – The other thing about
that show back in the day cause I watched it when
I was at my babysitters was that often the prize would be like a five or ten minute
marathon at Toys”R”Us. – [Sam] Oooh. – Where you got to run with a cart and they would show the
kids trying to shove as much as they could
in, and if they got it and got back to the finish line they could keep all that. If they filled the cart and didn’t get back they kept none of it! – Oh man. – And I used to obsess
about what I would do. – Okay, may I blow your mind right now and tell you that I had one of those experiences as a child. – What? – I went to high school at performing arts high school in New York City, and one of our fellow co students was a young man, name of Macaulay Culkin. – Name drop. – Name drop, of Home Alone fame. And for his birthday party he had his birthday party at FAO schwarz. – Okay. – Which is the greatest
toy store in New York. – Gone now? – Maybe. – I think it’s gone now. But yeah it was, it’s in
Big, in the movie Big. – It’s great, an amazing toy store. – It’s New York toy landmark. – And during his birthday
party, that happened. We we’re all told like, “Yeah, you go for five minutes, “you get whatever you
want.” and it was amazing. – It is super fucking hard to be your friend and love you. (laughter) I try and I try and every day you make it a little bit harder. – You know what though,
the thing about this (buzzer sounds) the thing about this show right now, all work no play, – Yeah. – Is we can make those
kind of dreams come true, if you had a dream like that as a kid, this show can make it happen. Natasha, can we do a five
minute shopping spree at a toy store for Liam as
an episode if we wanted to? (laughing) – It can’t be Toys”R”Us, KB Toy Store! – I hate everyone in
this studio right now. (Sam laughing) – But dreams, okay maybe not that dream, but dreams like that, – [Liam] Yes. – we can make come true on this show. – We are gonna realize a lot of things, – Yeah. – in the three episodes
that this show runs. – We have some fun to
talk about on the show. – We had some tap dance lessons. – We tap danced which is very much outta the box for us. – Oh my god I don’t know how to dance, I don’t have any rhythm,
I don’t have any rhythm, I don’t have any rhythm. – Got no rhythm. – Got no rhythm. But we took our friend Courtenay Taylor who folks might know from things like Fallout 4, – Uh huh. – Mass Effect. – [Sam] I’ve heard of it. – OK go let’s be heroes,
I think is all the craze. – Not OK Go that’s a band. – Not OK Go, OK.. – K.O. – OK K.O. that’s it, sorry Court, OK K.O. let’s be heroes. – Sorry OK Go. Yeah, she’s amazing, she’s
an amazing voice actor. – She’s amazing she sounds
like gritty toughness. – And she said that she would come hangout with us while we went to a tap studio, called Dance Dimensions. – Oh. – Plug, name drop. – Name drop. – Dance drop? – And she had the most experience out of the three of us. – She’s had some proper dance training. – We got there to Dance
Dimensions in Woodland Hills. (snapping) – [Courtnay] Oh whoa, hi, that was sweet! – You didn’t do anything! – I’m sorry! – We met our amazing
dance teacher, Valerie – Rockey. – Hello! – [Sam] Hello! – I’m Valerie. – I’m Sam. – Sam. – Hi, I’m Courtenay. – Valerie, Courtenay. – Nice to meet you. – And Liam. – [Valerie] Liam, nice to meet you guys! You guys are gonna tap dance with me yeah? – I don’t think that sounds right. – We’re gonna tap dance at you. – That’s right. – Oh, okay. – That’s also a very
broad term, “tap dance”. – So, what’s your skill level? – Beginner? – I did gymnastics as a kid. – [Sam] Ooh! – [Courtenay] Round up, right now. – That won’t help you
today, but that’s okay. – I took a little tap when I was a young broadway star. – [Valerie] Wow. – Always with the broadway star. I took tap dancing in
second and third grade. – Okay. – [Courtenay] Still right here. – But she was tapping
at a fourth grade level. – So we have a lot to learn today then. – [Courtenay] Yes. – We had requested outfits, I went a little more classical than you, I would say you had a little more flare. – Flare. – [Liam] Panache. – Yeah well I, – Showmanship. – I figured if you’re gonna dance you might as well put it all on the line, lay it all on the line. They said tap outfit,
and that’s what this is. It’s just pure tap, gotta
feel it in your bones. Some people, train to be a tap dancer, I was born to be a tap dancer. I really look terrible. – [Man] I’m a real boy! – [Liam] Go big or go home. – [Sam] I loved your outfit, your tuxedo. – [Liam] Mhm. – [Sam] I loved it partially because – [Liam] Because it was yours. – [Sam] It was my tuxeedo that I gave you. – This is how we do it in show business, you set em up then you knock em down. – [Sam] Courtenay wore something classic, flattering, beautiful. – [Liam] Yup. – Guys this is momentous,
I have been waiting for heeled tap shoes my entire life. – [Liam] She looked like
she’d do a cabaret act. – When I was seven, I
wanted the heeled tap shoes, my mom would not let me have them. She was abusive. (laughter) – [Man] To be continued. (men cheering) – I’m just gonna dance in the chair. – [Man] You’re a star! – [Sam] I wore something a
little more form fitting. Oh there’s so much camel toe going on. More complimentary to the dancers body. – [Liam] More dazzling. – [Sam] Yeah. – This is Thanos’ final form when he gets all five infinity stones. (laughter) – Don’t look at me! – Ooh! (tapping) – Heels! (more tapping) Oh Gene Kelly! That’s right. (cheering) (tapping) – Okay. – So there’s a lot of raw talent here, is what we’re saying. – Well, tap dancer, tap dancer, and I don’t really know
what to say about this one. – This is tap, it’s pure tap. – Is it? Okay. – [Sam] Valerie Rockey. – [Liam] Valerie Rockey. – [Sam] Who is a fantastic dancer, she was on So You Think You Can Dance, and I believe she was the tap dancing runner up or something, I dunno. She’s real good though! (tap dancing) – Can you do that? – Uh, no? – [Sam] We had a little one on one audition thing right,
it wasn’t an audition, just sort of a showcase of our abilities. She would do something and then we would have to repeat it. – Repeat after me. – Repeat after me. – Ready? (tapping) – I’m sorry, what? (laughter) (tapping) – Good, you got the rhythm. Ready? – Wow. (tapping) – That is not fair. – Do the best you can. – Great, won’t sound anything like that. (tapping) (laughter) – Just yeah, sell it. – The ending was great,
okay we’ll get back to that. Ready? Your turn. – Yeah I’m ready. (tapping) – Mhm, mhm. (tapping) – Okay, we have some work to do. – We all did pretty badly. Courtenay was okay I think. – No Courtenay was okay and Courtenay was in between you and me where as you had the big bouffant moves and I was just goo goo goo goo. – [Sam] Mhm. – [Liam] And she actually
could pull off some of it. (tapping) – Exactly, great job Courtenay. Your steps are awesome! – [Liam] None of the three of us were good at stringing together all
the different dance steps. – [Sam] Mhm. – [Liam] That Val tried to
get to stick in our head. – [Sam] Yup. – Two, three, good job. Liam, what happened? (laughter) – Separate your step heel. – Huh? – Dig brush step heel. – What? (laughter) – What? I don’t have my ear trumpet in. – Oompa loompa! – The murderer is coming. – Try to make it not look so difficult. (laughter) – [Sam] Liam, this was challenging. But then on the individual moves I thought that you excelled so we went through moves like the P Diddy. – Love the hips. – Which is not the real name, but it’s what we called the move. – Okay. – We did some Irish dancing, which I felt that you
were particularly good at. – [Liam] In isolation, – [Sam] Yeah. – [Liam] Before stringing
it all together, sure. – [Sam] We did a flap ball change thing. – [Liam] Flap ball? – [Sam] Which you eventually got. If I’m remembering correctly. – [Liam] This is good. Nope. You are taking the shitty facts of life and putting a gloss of beauty on them and I appreciate it. – And then we did the wings, do you remember the wings? – [Liam] I remember you doing the wings. – [Sam] I did the wings pretty well. – Ohh. – Jeeze. – Come on, come on. – No don’t get cocky. – That was where I shined. And again, because it’s mostly this. – Yeah, yeah. – And a little feet. – Look over here! Look over here! (laughter) (indistinct talking) – And then before we fully rehearsed the routine that we learned. – The routine, yeah. – She gave us, canes. – [Liam] Uh huh. – [Sam] Which I thought were much more difficult to use than
just not using canes. – Five, six, seven (bang) (laughter) – I hit something! It’s okay it’s not a light. (clanging) It’s just the sprinklers. – Well let’s not hit it again. – So she taught us a routine. – Yup. – Which was kind of long. – Yeah it was too long. – It was, I mean for us. Not for her. – It was too short for her. – Yeah. – Way too long – It felt like there was 100 moves. – Shall we learn a dance? – Yes we shall. – Yes ma’am, or we’re gonna get beaten like my mom did, no I’m just kidding. (laughter) – Kidding, no more mom jokes. – We hold, one two
three four, swivel snap, swivel snap turn two three four tap tap look look – Ohh, I feel the dance. So we learned our routine. – [Liam] Mhm. – We all had to perform it individually. – Oh yeah. – And you, brave soul that
you are you went first. – Yeah I wanted to get it outta the way. (slapping noise) I remembered about 20% of it. Ah I’m doing it the wrong way entirely. (laughter) – We were shouting out
the moves from offstage. – Doesn’t matter. (Sam laughing) Really doesn’t matter. – Well cause when you’re tappin, you just go tunnel vision right? You can’t hear anything,
you just see the tap. You did great, I was proud of you. You did a fair job. – Mhm. – Then Courtenay went second. She was graceful, amazing, she’s had some proper dance training. – Courtenay knew what I knew which was you’re not gonna top a
man in a rainbow suit. So back off, and let him work his magic. – Do you think she had fun with us? Or do you think she thought we were, just fucking idiots? – I don’t think those
are mutuall exclusive. – That’s true. That’s true. And I tapped, I remembered
most of my shit. (tapping) – [Woman] Walk, two, three, four. I must have been very
trying on her patience. – Yup. – To teach people who A,
didn’t have a lot of skill, but B, also, we weren’t demeaning to the, to the art form but we, I mean, – No. – We weren’t serious about it, right? – I went in with an open heart and knowing that I would be terrible but that I would do my best. (ragtime music) – Woo! (tapping) Canes! (tapping) – [Valerie] Yay! Now take a bow! And now exit. With your shuffle off to Buffalo! Good exits! – [Liam] And the thing
with you as a dancer – I got him. (bell dings) – Did you? – Yup. – Is that a different one? – Possibly. – Is this a recurring segment of our show? – He has a lot of fortitude, I guess. – The thing with you as
a dancer that I notice and this is true of you in life is like, you might not know what you’re doing, but you sell it. – [Sam] You fake it till you make it. – [Liam] With pizzazz and personality. – Yeah, no that’s true. I was taught that by my mom. – [Liam] Really? That’s where that comes from? – Yeah not specifically
for dance but just like, just fake it till you
make it, kind of thing. – In like the Eddie
Izzard philosophy of it’s 20% of what you say,
80% of how you say it. – Yes, exactly that, yes. – Yeah so like your feet were a mess, but like up here, all of
this, just made up for it. – Yeah, look at this, look at this, don’t look down there. – Which is a bit like Irish dancing, where you separate your
upper half of your body, – Uh huh. – [Liam] from the lower half. – Uh huh. – You separate the top half is supposed to be totally totally still and the magic happens down below, but with you, the lack of talent is the waist down and the upper half – Is the magic. – Yeah the peacock feathers. – Got it, yeah. I’m like a reverse iceberg. – I was on the other end of the spectrum, which was like I wasn’t
good, I didn’t look good, it never got good. – You started a little stiff. – Yeah. – I’ll admit it. – Sure. – But I thought that you were diligent. – Mhm. – And you got into it a bit more. By the end you were remembering a lot of the moves. – That is kind, I enjoyed myself. – And at the end of it all, Valerie gave us awards. – Courtenay, you have
won the sexiest award. – Finally! – I wanted that so bad. – But you didn’t win overall, so please join the line. Liam, step forward. You have won most improved, but you also didn’t win so
please take a step back. – I think I know what’s happening! – Sam please take a step forward. (drumroll) You have won the best tap dancer! (sobbing) Dun dun dun dun! – Oh my gosh! Wow! (cheering) Guys I’m gonna share this with you. And I know we’re not allowed to take this outta the building. We’re not allowed to take
this outta the building but I think we should come and visit it every once in a while. – I mean I thought it was brave of Valerie to commend you for being better than she was even with your ability. – Yeah. – Not as you are, but just your potential, and knowing that if you put in a decade or more like she had that
you’d be better than her. – Yeah, I have already told my agent – Mhm. – That when So You Think
You Can Dance calls, I’m not interested. I’m happy doing this show with you. – [Liam] Right. – I’m happy doing our Dungeons and Dragons little show. – You could find a seventh stardom in tap, if you wanted to but you understand that your happiness and future are wrapped up with the future of your friends here, at this building. – I don’t want my kids to be raised with a tap dad whose gone
on the road all the time at those tap clubs around the country. – That is rough, that is rough. – You know. – We all know the
temptations of the tap dad. – Absolutely, I’ll wind up
in a tap ditch somewhere. – Yeah. – With tap drugs. – [Liam] Yeah. – Taken intravenously
through my tap shoes. – This got dark. (Sam laughing) – But, it was fun and we had a great time. And, I got a trophy out of it, and that’s all you can really expect on this show right. – I just fucking enjoyed
it and my philosophy in life and my dad has a
post it note on his desk in his office over our
garage on the Jersey shore, I think I’ve shared this before, but it just says if
you encounter something you’re scared of that’s the
very thing you should do. And I am scared of everything, and I just in my later years have decided to embrace those things which you will see a lot of on this show. But in general. – That’s why our next episode
is touching scorpions. – [Liam] Mhm. – Yeah. – You just give them a little, – It’s very scary but
you just gotta go for it. – You just tickle their tail a little bit with your tongue. – Yup. – Just a little bit. – It’s a very short episode. – As long as you come with an open heart, it’s all good. – [Sam] Yup. – Yup, we haven’t done that one yet but I think it’s gonna go great. – It’s gonna be great. – Yup. – We wanted to mention that while this show is airing, this episode of All work no play, you and I will be in New York City. – We’re not there now. – But when this airs we will be, doing New York Comic Con. – Yup, Comic Con. – And we’ll be in our
old stomping grounds, where we met. – Yeah. Where we came up. – Where we started doing anime together, where we did animation together, and it’s gonna be weird I haven’t been back in a while. – I go back a lot. – [Sam] Oh, you do. – I go back a couple times a year. You’re from Virginia. – I’m originally from the DC area yes. – Right, okay. I’m from New Jersey on the cliffs facing Manhattan my childhood life was looking at New York City skyline every day of my life. – And hoping to be there one day? – No I didn’t know until I was a teenager that I was gonna be the chorus line kid and wanna be, I did the porn move there, I dunno why. (laughter) to be in New York City doing plays. – Chorus Line – God I hope I get it! – One singular sensation! (laughter) I took some hip hop
classes at broadway dance. – Okay. – I would say that I was a triple threat, but I never specified what those three things were cause I didn’t
wanna get pigeon holed and also because there
was really only two. I was an actor and a singer, – Yeah. – and I left the third one vague. – Okay. – In the old days we used to call it an actor who moved well, that means your not really a dancer, and really shouldn’t say
that you’re a dancer, but you can go to dance auditions, – Yeah. – And make it to the second round. – So you took hip hop? – I took a couple of hip hop lessons, cause you know in the 90’s that was cool. – Did you, because I know that you were a broadway kid, – Mhm. – and I know that you’re acapella nerd, – Sure. – did you at that time,
because I remember, I know what your head shots look like from that period of time, you were tiger beat material at that time. – Mhm. – Were you trying to
be like a boyband guy? – I was not trying I was in a boy band. We were called the City Boyz with a Z, and we sang songs at
Paramus Park shopping mall. – Ohh! In Jersey? – Yeah. – I know Paramus! – And Kings Road shopping mall, I think in Long Island,
and we would go around and sort of peddle our
boyband moves and songs for all of the giant haired girls of the bridge and tunnel crowd. – Holy fuck, hey you’re
speaking about my people. – What, they had big hair! – My people, yes they did, yes they did. – Z cavaricci’s. – Cavaricci’s I know very well. – Sure. – My first, this is totally off, it’s not totally off topic,
my first school dance at St Peters preparatory school in Jersey City, all boys school. – School drop! – Jesuit drop. (Sam laughing) I mean I grew up in New Jersey, which is like, you know
Sopranos territory, and I would drive to Jersey City, in high school I would literally pass some sites that were in the opening for the Sopranos. – Wow. – That’s where I went to school. But at that time, I’m
just gonna tell this short story in the way my neighborhood talked. – Okay. – People work cavaricci
pants like hammer pants, vests a lot of paisley
vests, a lot of bolo ties, – Ooh, high style. – And they would like Vanilla Ice. They would just, but
like buzzed on the sides. – Yeah of course. – And fuckin zig zags, stripes. – Oh that’s the coolest. – Oh it’s the coolest. – One earring. – One earring for sure,
I had that one earring. – Yeah. – For a short time. – I did as well, can still
feel the little knot there. – I forget, because in one of my ears I got like a dimple or something that looks like a earring hole and one was an earring hole and I don’t remember which one is which anymore. – Yeah I had some white z cavaricci’s with like three buckles, nice gold earring right here. – This is why we made this show. (Sam laughing) – And so there was a school dance, my first school dance at St Peters prep where I wore the bolo tie, – Mhm. – and those puffy pants, – Sure, spray on some Drakkar Noir. – I did not have that cause I wasn’t cool enough for it and I wore penny loafers with pennies in them. – Man. – Yeah. – This guy. – I had to beat the women away, for sure. (Sam laughing) – Oh god. – How did we get here? – I don’t know, we were
talking about New York, we were talking about dance. – Dance, right. – And because we were
talking about the fun that we done this week. – Tap dance, right. – Tap dancing. – You took lessons, I also took tap lessons in New York. – [Sam] Oh you did? – I misspoke, not tap, swing dancing. – Ah that’s different. – My wife and I, my
girlfriend at the time, took swing dancing lessons and we did that for like a year or two, I got okay at it, and we would go to this place in like the theatre district
called The Supper Club. – Uh huh. – Where we’d get gussied up
and there’d be big band music. – Wow that sounds romantic! – It was romantic it was great. – And you guys were
good, did you have a move that you would go to,
the double drop roll, the double death drop? – You are giving me way too much credit. – I don’t know! – I did have a bowler hat though, that I would wear occasionally. – Okay, did you wear a zoot suit? – I did not own a zoot suit. – Okay. – God those were good, good nights though. But more often I would just go to like, as far as dance goes, cause I don’t have any formal dance training but
we would go to The Tunnel. – I’ve been to The Tunnel. – The Limelight. – I’ve been to The Limelight. – These were like the rave
spots, the dance clubs. The Tunnel was just like a
big dark warehouse right. (imitating dance music) Yeah. – This is it. – Yeah, that’s it. – This is the whole dance. – We would do that a fuckin
lot and I would dance a lot and the kind of dancing
that I don’t even feel like I should be doing anymore. – No, no. Booty grinding. – Yeah, like when you’re like Peter Pan at a young age that feels
right but I’m not sure that anyone wants that now. – No, no, no one wants that. – Nobody wants dad at The Tunnel. (laughing) I thought The Tunnel was gone. – I hope it’s gone. – It should be gone. – The Limelight’s definitely gone. – The Limelight is a series, the last time I saw the Limelight which was like a den of iniquity and it was run by drug dealers I’m pretty sure. – Of course it was. – I know that because when I got out of NYU a bunch of
my actor friends and I formed a small theatre company called the peregrine theatre company, a falcon. – Oh how responsible. – Right, and we did a small production that nobody saw of spring awakening, a German play that was
later turned into a musical and we were looking for
space to do it and for a hot second we thought
we were gonna do it at The Limelight, like
somebody knew somebody and they were talking to them, and after a week of going back and forth we’re like (hands clapping) – Ah! (bell ringing) – Got him. – I think you got him. Anyway. – We ran screaming because we could tell that like by the end of it one of us would have been dead with like a brick of cocaine shoved down our pants. – Oh my god, anyway, we have more of these shows right? – That’s debatable. I feel like we learned a lot. – Yes, what did we learn? – We learned that Liam tap dancing is good for a bit but nobody
wants to watch it ongoing. – [Sam] Mhm. – We learned that D
and D is good for kids. – [Sam] Mhm. We did not mention Laura
Bailey this episode. (dream music) – [Voice] Laura Bailey – Does it. – Okay. – And that’s enough. – I guess so! – Come on people what
do you expect from us? Right? (exhales) – Can’t squeeze blood from a stone. (Sam laughs) I dunno we better wrap it here. – Alright. – We need to come up with
more conversation later. – Yeah, for our next episode. – Next week. – [Sam And Liam] Of, all work, – No play. – That is spooky. (laughing) Goodbye everyone. – Ciao. (gulping) I know it’s still rolling. – I know it’s really awkward. – This is – And everyone during the show was mostly quiet, now their even quieter. – Yup, this is the
creative directors doing. – It’s like an unspoken rule that they have to be quieter just in case we use this part. (Liam inhales) but we really shouldn’t cause this is not entertaining at all. – This is our razors edge this is either really good or really bad. – We’re gonna find out
in about two minutes. (Liam singing) (Laughter) (upbeat music)



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