8 Gifts So Annoying, They’re Actually Awesome • White Elephant Show #6

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– Welcome to the White Elephant show where we gather gifts
from Vat19 and beyond to see what we love best. Today’s theme is gifts that could clear a room. – Oo. – Now Jon, you’re up first. You can take any gift from the table except these two gold ones. Those we are saving
for a bonus at the end. – Okay, all right. I’m going big. – Oh! I see sprinkles! – We’re going real big! – That is a big one! – Oh no! – Uh oh. – Okay, before you guys even see it, I’m gonna clear the room out. You ready? (rubber chicken noise) (yelling) – What? – [Adam] That’s a big rubber chicken. – It’s so long! – It is pretty funny though. This seems a little bit bigger than the rubber chickens that I’m used to. – This is probably three times, four times the size of those other ones. It’s certainly longer and louder. And more annoying! – It sounds like a child
learning to play bagpipes. (laughing) – Kelsey, it’s your turn next. You can either steal
Jon’s giant rubber chicken or you can select a new
gift from the table. – I absolutely do not want that. That freaks me out, I hate it. I want this one. – Mermaid. – Awe. – What, how is that gonna clear a room? – Wait, what? – [Adam] Oh no. It’s a Baby Shark! – It’s a stuffed animal! – [Adam] Squeeze it. – [Kara] It’s cute! (“Baby Shark” starts playing) – No! – It’s cute! – I hate that song, it’s so annoying. I’m gonna have it in my
head the rest of the day. – I like it. This is cute though and you
don’t have to listen to it. – I literally have hearing! What are you talking about? Now, Kelsey. I notice there’s something
else in that present. – Oh my! (yelling over each other) – So Kelsey just got a
golden ticket which means after all the other gifts are open, then she gets a chance
at one of these special, gold wrapped bonus gifts as
Kelsey always gets a bonus gift. – Always! – I promise you I will
never steal Baby Shark. I’m gonna take a new gift from the table. I’m gonna take this one, front and center. Oh okay. (yelling) – I’m gonna go ahead and clear the room. – This is our “stank prank” candle. The first part of the
candle smells delicious, and then it gets down
farther and it smells… I’ve actually never smelled it. – Oh, I almost threw up when I smelled it. – I’m told it smells like fart. – That’s an understatement,
it’s pretty bad. – So you give it to somebody
and then they’re like, “It can’t be the candle, this
candle is orchard breeze.” I’m gonna open it just a smidge and see if it smells good or bad. I don’t know if this
is a fresh one or not. It smells good. – Okay. – So I like this one because this is like ideal pranking. All right, Danny, you’re up next. You can steal any of these gifts or you can choose a new
gift from the table. – My kids love Baby Shark. And honestly I’m gonna go
with stealing Baby Shark. (yelling) – First steal of the game. – Because I’m a good dad, you know, and… (“Baby Shark” starts playing) – But you’re a terrible human for bringing that on us. – I’ll put up with this for my children. – I would not. – [Adam] No, stop. That must be the daddy shark. – [Danny] I’m getting into it. – Okay, okay. Kelsey, you were just stolen from which means you can
either steal Jon’s gift or my gift or you can select
a new gift from the table. – Have you changed your
mind about the chicken? – Eff no. I’m gonna go with rainbow. Oh my God. – That’s every reaction in this game. (yelling) – I’m gonna clear the room right now! Oh man. I got liquid ass. – [Ben] It’s a prank spray
that smells like butt. – I feel like Kelsey, you
need to experience it. – No. – At least once so you know– – All right, tiny sprits into the air. – No! That was so much! – Oh it’s going back! – Oh my God! – No, keep that away! No! – Why does it smell warm? You know when you fart in the shower and it’s like, worse? (laughing) That’s what this is! You guys all know what I’m sayin’! – Okay, Adam, it’s your turn. – All right. – You can steal or take a new gift. – You wanted to try this, so
I think you’d wanna keep this. – Really tempted to open one but you know what, I do wanna
annoy you guys some more so I am stealing the chicken. – Stealing the chicken! – All right. (rubber chicken sounds) – Okay, Jon. You can– This is not a good combination,
Adam and this Chicken. – [Danny] Somebody steal
it just to save us. – Jon, you can either steal
a gift or take a new one. – All right I think I’m
gonna go for this one. Polka dots, why not? Oh! Oh I hate this. It’s the Pop it Pal. – That’s the best one! – No, I mean I guess
you can call this a toy. I don’t know why. But this is like a thing that you squeeze if you’re really into popping pimples and clearly some people are into it. – It’s awesome! – So you feel it up with
this like, fake pus, which is very realistic, and then you just kinda, and you squeeze the little
strands of wormy grossness. And a bonus gift! – [Ben] You got the golden ticket! So Jon and Kelsey will be opening our two gold wrapped presents following the end of our gift round. Kara, you are up now. You have all these fine
gifts to choose from or you can gamble on
what’s left on the table. – Don’t you dare steal that Pop it Pal. – I don’t want anything to
do with that Pop it Pal. – Yeah, I think you’re safe. You’re safe on the Pop it Pal. Adam with that chicken. – So I’m gonna steal this! (cheering) – Thank you! – Take it out of Adam’s hands! – Okay, that’s all I’ll do. I just had to– – Silence. – Adam, will you steal
or will you take a gift? – You know, I haven’t gotten any sprits of that liquid A… (laughing) – Let’s retitle this video “Adam Annoys his Peers Repeatedly.” – Yeah give it to me. (yelling) Here we go! (yelling) – Why? – It’s not coming my way! – Yes it is! (yelling) – I’m only coming back because I might be able to get something else. – It’s like getting in my mouth. – This is available now. – It’s less of a smell and
more of like a “spaste.” You can like, smell-taste it, you know? – Gosh dang it, it won’t go away. – So uh, Kelsey– – Why is “Baby Shark” happening? What is happening right now? – Oh my gosh I wanna get out of here! – We lost control of the set! – All right Kelsey, it’s back to you. There have been two steals this round so you cannot steal. You must open a gift from the table, which one would you choose? – I’ll go with the feather one. I don’t wanna get into the
cloud of fart over there. – It’s so bad! – No, nope. (yelling) I’m not! – You have to open it! – No! – We need to see what’s inside of that. – It’s just a box. – I can’t. I know these are like, trick boxes and something’s gonna jump– – You don’t know that. – I do know that. – That’s not what it is. (yelling) – So this is a spider in a box. – Stop! – You can just fling it and it’ll open! Like you can go, oh! – Stop it! – Nice little prank. – It’s a good one, it’s very realistic as it like jumps out at you. – Okay that brings us to Jamie. You’re the last one. See what’s in the mystery blue package or you could steal one of these other fine horrific gifts that people picked. – Right, well since both
golden tickets have been found I feel like there isn’t a lot
for me to get out of that. I feel like the Pop it Pal, by far, is the greatest gift maybe that we’ve ever done on this show. – I think you mean disgusting, but yeah, yeah, go ahead. – You’re all wrong. Give me the Pop it Pal, Jon. Yes. Oo there was one in here guys! (whining) It was preloaded with one! Check it out, Kara! – Oh that’s so gross. – [Ben] It looks like cottage cheese! (rubber chicken noises) – I’m gonna spray it Jamie. – No! – I will spray this! I will spray this! – Call the police! – I will do it! – It’s not bad. (yelling) – No, no! Hey, hey… There’s a lot of innocent
people here, okay. – Ben’s demeanor just completely changed. – Think about what you’re doing. – Guys, it’s just canola oil and bees wax. – So what? – That’s it. – All right, Jon. It is your turn. Will you open or steal? – Goin’ for the box. I mean, maybe it’ll be something great. Oh no. It’s a thank you card. What could be wrong with that? – Oh no. – All right, so this looks just like a regular thank you card that you would give someone, but it’s actually a prank card that plays the theme song to Golden Girls on loop forever until it
runs out of batteries. So if I remove this tag and then press the button
it will just go forever. – It will play for hours. – [Adam] Well until the battery dies. – But we could test it if
we don’t remove this tag. Okay, all right, here’s the test. (Golden Girls theme song plays) – It’s pretty cheesy. You hear it once, you’re like, oh that’s kinda like, fun and cute. But after about ten times it
really gets on your nerves and it just keeps going and
going for hours and hours. And if you try to like, open
it to take out the speaker it’s full of confetti so
you just make a huge mess. Okay, that brings us to the swap round. Jon, it is actually back
to you as our first player. So you get to decide
whether you wanna trade with any of the gifts here, or you do you wanna keep what you have? And remember, after this we are still gonna open our gold wrapped gifts. – Okay, I don’t really want this. It would be fun to give to someone but I’m gonna swap with Kelsey. I want the spider box and I know she doesn’t
want it so that’s perfect. – This is why Jon is my
friend and Danny is not, so I want the shark back! – Give me that, Adam. I just needed to be safe. – Thank you. – Why would you do that? – I’d rather hear that
than smell this again. (rubber chicken noises) – Look at it, Kara. Look at it. Look at it. – The gross Pop it Pal or the fart candle are my options. – That is correct. – I would keep that. – I’m keeping this. – What a wise choice. That’s the end of our swap round. But as you remember, our
two golden ticket holders now get to open these gifts. One of these gifts is pretty awesome. One of these is not. – Kelsey, you can choose. – One of them is a live cobra. – Don’t tell me that! I hate you, Danny. – A lot of animosity
on this set right now. – King Cobra. – All right, we’re gonna have you guys open at the same time, okay? – That snake might pop out. – Don’t tell me that! – Oh no! – This is not gonna clear this room, but. It’s kind of awesome. Actually, I know exactly
who I wanna give this to. This is the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock, which is the world’s most
obnoxious alarm clock. It shakes your bed, it’s the loudest sound you’ve ever heard in your life. It basically wakes up
the deepest sleepers, which is my brother. – Perfect. – Perfect. – I got a business card
for a moving company. Is it they’re gonna clear my room? – They will literally clear your room. – For once Kelsey did not
get the good golden gift. Remember to head to Vat19.com to see all our room clearing stuff and hundreds of other white
elephant approved gifts. (rubber chicken sounds) (yelling) – Vat19.com


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Queen Joyce & Chai LOVEWINS

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