67-inch Cast-Iron Slipper Bathtub Feet Installation

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This particular model tub is a Slipper and it’s 67 inches long. When you get your tub and you’re ready to install your feet, Find a nice big area where you can flip your tub over in a safe manner. And when you get it flipped upside down, there will be letters stamped into the tub, “C”, “D”, “E”, “F”. And I did put little notes on here to make it easier for you to read and see what I’m doing. You open the foot box, you take your feet out, on the back of the feet will have the letters stamped on the back side. Lay them out according to the letters, according to the feet. And then I generally get the hardware out. Put your bolt in the slot, If it’s sold, comes with a shim, you install the shim next. This will help with your adjustments. You take a padded piece of bubble wrap, you poke a hole with the bolt, slide it on like that. The foot has a slot cut in it, for easy adjustment. You gently set the foot on, because, as you can see, these tubs are hand-smoothed, and that’s what makes it elegant… old style cast iron tub, this is how they’re made. So, when you’re doing your adjustment, you try to get the best fit you can get. You take your flat washer, you take your lock washer, and you install those on there, and you take your nut, and you run it down until you get a little bit of tension, enough to hold it in place where you can adjust it. Left, right, forward or back, to get your best finish. Now, granted, since it’s hand-formed, you’re going to be able to get it to a certain point, but it’s not going to be 100% perfect. It’s going to be… where it touches here and here is what you’re looking for. And when you get it snugged down, Take a 3/8″ ratchet with a 5/8″ deep well socket, if you have one. And you gently tighten it down, adjusting as you tighten it to get the best fit. And then you just kind of snug it up, and you proceed to the other letters, “D”, “E”, and “F”, and you go through the same procedure When you get them all snugged up, and you’re happy with your fit, you go ahead and put you go ahead and torque them down that way, when you flip it and you’re ready to go, everything will remain tight for you.

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