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We are Dynamo Ultima, welcome to our van tour, my name is Lexi, this is Zero and Cody is the one recording this video right now together we make Dynamo Ultima, which I already said we have lived in a van for a little over two years and We realized after our first van that there was a lot of things we wanted to add so that’s why we decided to do another van and basically this is our lifestyle. We live full-time in our van. Everything we own is in here. Living the dream as digital nomads in a van traveling the world full-time. For a limited time if you purchase our van manual which you can click right here to learn more about that. We have a special gift for you. So go ahead and click that link to check it out. To start this tour off because Cody and I are known as the ultimate digital nomad people of the world I’m gonna show you where we work So right here in this area is where we work. We have this swivel table right here It’s by a company called Lagoon and they make this swivelly table so you can kind of like turn it this way and use it as like a serving tray if you have guests over and you can also play Splendor here. So up here is storage and in this cabinet I have a lot of my books and we have a lot of art supplies sketchbooks all the sorts of things that creative people need to thrive in their businesses for our cabinet knobs we have these rose quartz like wire wrapped knobs I really like them because they bring good vibes in our van. In this cabinet, we have our dog supplies so all of Zero’s toothbrush and sweaters and treats and all of his things that he needs and We have our hats. When we first bought our van it was a cargo van and it didn’t have any windows or anything whatsoever So we added these windows ourselves These are really great because it adds air flow, especially if you have a van I mean you have a fan in your van because then it creates a nice airflow. Over here is our letter board. I told myself for a long time that I didn’t want to get one of these because it was trendy and everyone has one but then I saw myself buying one. So here we are with a letter board These are sun catchers. So whenever the sun comes through the window, little rainbows come through This bench we built ourselves — like everything in this entire van — made this little like cushion cover and it has like a three-inch crafter’s foam I think and then on the bottom we put a piece of wood and stapled the canvas all around Under the bench we utilize the space as storage, so this is our mobile office this is where we kind of keep all of our work supplies so that when we leave our van we take them with us and work at coffee shops or whatever if we don’t feel like working in our van. This is Zero, you met him a little earlier, but he is a English Cream Dachshund and he’s very long also travels with us full time, and he’s only a year old and he really likes bananas and carrots This is his own house that we built. We decided to give him his own space because he’s a spoiled very rotten amazing cute fuzzy little dog. So he deserves his own little room. It opens up and it has like a little slider and then we kind of leave it open during the day so he can go in and out whenever he wants One of the best features about this dog kennel for Zero is that it has an air conditioning in it. So in the summertime when it’s hot, we don’t have to worry about it and that was something we really really wanted in this van because it’s just one of the things you worry about when you have a pet We talk more about living with a pet in our van manual if you’re interested in learning more about that you can click the link to check that out This whole side of the van occupies our kitchen We went with a walnut countertop from Ikea and when we bought it, we didn’t know it was particle board So when we cut into it, we had to seal all of the particle board particle board edges otherwise they would just inflate and get ruined. So that’s what this is around the sink. We used a brass material to cover the exposed particle board material We went with a farm style sink. This is our faucet and it has a nice like retractable head which makes it really easy to do the dishes It’s hooked up to our 40 gallon water tank. We also have a water heater and electric water heater So there is hot and cold water that comes out of this tap. We spent way too much money on coffee So we thought it’d be a better investment to just buy an espresso machine and make our own coffee. So a lot of thought went into making sure we had the right amount of power. It definitely sucks down juice. I call the juice that’s fucking stupid Sucks down electricity. This is our refrigerator We had a Dometic fridge that was like a third of this size But we ended up returning it because we thought it was too small for full-time living So we had this fridge in our last van so we decided to get it again because we liked it so much We went with an induction cooktop and it plugs in right here to 120 volt and it’s easily stored right above the fridge So underneath our kitchen is where we keep our dog food down here, trash. It’s just a storage area where we can keep things. Good, good. Here we have four drawers. Again. It’s just more storage for silverware, junk drawer weed pen, Top Ramen, of course like all of our powders and dry Powders and dry goods kind of drawer. It’s a storage more storage under here for our things So above we have just kind of more dry goods and then we have dishes over here. I found these vinyl Moroccan tiles stickers It’s basically just a sheet of a vinyl sticker and you just stick it on and you have to kind of roll out all the bubbles It looks really cool and you can’t see any of the dirt on the floor after we’ve had it in here for a couple months I don’t think it’s the best option for a durability because we already are seeing the stickers kind of coming up a little one thing we did to prevent it from peeling up is we put trim around the whole floor so that it doesn’t peel up on the sides We’ll see how it holds up after a year worst case scenario we could just buy more and re-stick them on One of the biggest differences in this van conversion versus the last van conversion we did is that we added a bathroom and a shower So we have this shower door, it’s like a retractable self cleaning shower door It just slides on open so we have a handheld shower, it has a pause button so we don’t, you know waste all of our water by having it blasting at full pressure So we pretty much just press the pause button and then kind of do our thing. It also has a hot water heater attached to it. We made sure that our shower had hot water I mean, it’s just like a luxury. We decided to go with a cedar flooring and we sealed it with like a waterproof sealant So the cedar wood on the floor it helps make the bathroom just kind of feel like a spa and it helps it smell nice and it makes it so that the floor isn’t all slippery. We also have a Nature’s Head composting toilet It separates number one and number two into two different compartments. The number two area is a composting bin so you put a composting material in it basically when you do your business you kind of rotate this little handle bar around it mixes it up with the compost material Surprisingly, the only thing gross about the toilet is emptying the urine container just because urine smells bad. You kinda just have to plug your nose We have dual rear wheels, so on the inside of our van there’s kind of like a big area of Where the wheel well is so we had to kind of like figure out what to do with this space We decided to put a closet here. So up here This is our toiletries cabinet. So up here is Cody’s little drawer We also have some toilet paper up here because that’s a wet room. So we don’t want to put toilet paper in there I’m and down here. I keep all my mirror for hair and makeup you know all the girly things so it’s kind of nice to have just a Special area for that stuff. Down here, Cody was nice enough to let me have this as my closet. The wheel well is behind my sweaters so I can’t really like put much here. There’s only like three sweaters rolled up there and then I have these little packing cubes. So pretty much we just pull these out and find our outfits. Up here is our command center. So this is where we command everything in our van This is a DC circuit breaker 120 volt circuit breaker. Our inverter is power switch this controls our s bar heater this is our Simarine battery monitor and it tells us our battery levels and also our water levels. This is our bed. It is queen sized, so it’s pretty big. We didn’t want to put a ladder in here, so we put rock climbing holds to climb up to our bed. One thing that we did differently in this van build was add flares By adding these flares on each side of our van, it adds extra space for our bed So because it added so much extra space we were able to put our bed this way instead of this way Which gives us a lot more room in the front of the van for the rest of our stuff. Instead of having our bed go this way So that made it so we were able to have a larger kitchen a bathroom and all of the stuff that we showed you earlier We have a down comforter and underneath that we have a very soft blanket and underneath that. We have a memory foam mattress So I am 5 foot 8 And I’m stretched out all the way and One thing about these flares is that on this side of the side. I’m sleeping on it’s a little bit shorter than this side So Cody sleeps on this side because he’s 6 feet tall So we only put a window on this one side So if we want some fresh air kind of by our bed We open this window and it’s kind of nice just to have a window there right by our heads So that we can look out of it. Up here we have lights — they’re like little touch lights. On each side of where Cody and I sleep there is a USB plug in area so we can charge our phones at night. So I have one on my side. Back here, we decided not to add windows to the back of our van. Our last van had windows here we never ever really opened those windows when we were like living in the van. We only used it for like photos We thought one window by the flare and one window up here would be enough windows for in the back. We have a sun roof above our bed and we wanted to do this because we thought it would be really cool to be able to look out at the sky and look up at the stars at night sometimes the moon shines in and it’s really really cool. This unlatches and it has a hinge and you just push it up and then the sun roof opens This is our sun roof! It’s really great and it also provides easy access for cleaning off our solar panels which are on our roof up here This kind of gave us the privacy that we wanted back here but also we really really love this sun roof just because it brings a lot of natural light in here the best part about it that I love the most is that at night we can turn off all the lights and look at the stars and it feels like we’re kind of sleeping under the stars, so that’s one of my favorite things about our van. We decided to put a sound system So Cody and I really love blasting music really loud It’s kind of just something we like to do so we put a nice sound system in our new van and it’s really cool because we can have the music playing while we’re hanging out inside the van or we can open the doors and have the music play outside if we’re hanging out with friends or camping or whatever Over here is Cody’s closet So he gets both of these and he has the packing cubes and he also has like a place for all of his sweaters and stuff like that. We bought a Max Air fan and it came with a remote so this controls the fan which makes for really good airflow in the van, especially if you have all your windows open and it’s good for when Zero’s in here hanging out so you can have some fresh air when we’re not here Over here we have a carbon monoxide detector I highly recommend that you get one of these no matter where you live. Put one in so you don’t die. And then we have this plug in here So you could just kind of plug whatever you need to plug in there So the next thing I’m going to show you is how we close up our van at night so that we have privacy we bought this track system from Ikea and we sewed our own block out curtains So we wanted a color instead of black so we bought yellow curtains and then we sewed black thermal curtains for the other side. We just sewed them together. We can close up everything here. We also made these reflective curtains, we have one for a sunroof and then we have two of these for each side of our windows so over here we just kind of like stuff it in Velcro them on and they stick here and they stay So then we can have privacy at night We use this upper area for our towels. We also have a pin collection This is not all of our pin collection because we left all of our other pins at Cody’s mom’s house which we’ll be picking up soon, but this is what we’ve collected since we sold our last van We have a little dog butt hook and this is where we hang zeros harness and his leash One thing that we hated in our last van and we kind of dislike in all of the Mercedes vans is their factory stereo We really dislike the factory factory stereo that came with the van so we decided to put in our own so if you plug in an Apple phone you can like listen to Spotify and you can like Have a navigation on your dash so that it’s easier to drive places in the van And we also added some new speakers up front so that the sound system was better up here It makes for better drives to have good music This is our diesel heater. It runs off the fuel in our diesel tank We wanted to have a heater in here Because we’re gonna be spending a lot of time in the mountains and it’s gonna be really cold and it works really good It’s just kind of a pain to install We installed a short power plug in on the outside of the van. So on the cloudy days we can plug into a grid and charge our batteries This is our garage area It kind of has all of our fun stuff so our bikes are mounted on fork mounts and we just kind of roll them in and lock them in to secure them then we have a snowboard rack in the center, which kind of make it so you don’t have to take apart your snowboard to store it and underneath the snowboards, we have buckets we can store so we can utilize the space underneath the snow boards We keep all of our shoes on this upper part of this box And underneath is a 40 gallon water tank, and we fill it with this fill cap right here There’s also a gauge so, you know how full it is when you’re filling it on this side, we have two 12 inch subwoofers because we like to jam. There’s a light switch, so at night if you’re trying to find stuff there’s two lights that are controlled by this switch and we have a bottle opener here for when you’re partying and you need to open your beer. Earlier, we mentioned how we can angle our upper speakers if we’re hanging outside we can angle them outward So that way there’s music playing outside. In order to fit the bikes in the garage, we had to take off our front tire unscrew the fork mount We lift it off the mount and just roll it out Yeah Behind our subwoofer we have our battery and inverter and solar management system and all the components to our electrical system we decided to put it back there because You don’t really need to access it that much but we have 400 watts of solar on the roof. We also utilize the vehicle’s alternator to charge. We have two 200 amp hour batteries from Renogy which gives us 400 amp hours total if you want to see a diagram about how everything’s wired and where everything is, it’s in our van manual it’s available over there Opposite of the side of the battery that’s where our water heater is and also miscellaneous storage, which we like rarely need to access So like a garden hose extension cords, I don’t know stuff like stuff we don’t need that much. Yeah, that’s the garage. So yeah I gotta put this away. Bye guys. See you next time. Thank you for watching our video and stay tuned for more videos. Subscribe to our channel.


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