1980s fiberglass bathtub renewed to shiny white

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Hi, we are in North Austin today and we have
a project where we have a project with two two fiberglass tubs. Let me show you. These homeowners just purchased this home
and they’re moving in. So they had this new surround installed on the two bathrooms and
the two tubs look identical, they’re just like this: they’re older, they’re faded, but
they’re in good condition. They’re pretty strong, they don’t have real damages,
it’s just pretty faded. It’s something they cannot clean, they tried, and they couldn’t
do it. So what we’re going to do, is we’re going
to refinish them in Porcelain White so it’ll, it’ll match to the toilet, and it also
will match to the surround. That’s what we’re going to be doing today, and it’s
going to be high gloss. We’ll show you what they look like. I’m only going to show
you one because they other one is identical anyway, you would never tell the
difference – and so, we’ll come back. So we’re done with this tub and we’re ready
to show you what we have. As you can tell, this is the surround that it was, that
is new. You see that glove? There’s a slight drip there, so we’re going to leave
the glove, and probably just have the homeowner remove it tomorrow. Other than that,
we’re pretty much done, and this is very nice. There’s a little bit of a slight texture on
the coating, but that because of the tub in itself had this texture. Sometimes fiberglass
has texture, and so it shows. But, but, everything else is just great. We applied plenty of coats to make a very
strong bond. Here we go. So we’re done with the project, and Thank You for watching.

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