180331 [Grand Prince BTS #14] Joo Sang Wook’s Bathtub Scene (ENG SUB)

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[Grand Prince: Drawing Love]
Lee Kang’s Bathtub Love Scene. [Preparing filming in the bath tub.] Ah, it feels warm. Hello. Nice to see you.
Welcome to the Grand Prince bathtub. The Grand Prince bathtub
is full of a rose petal scent. You have to dress like this, too. The real beautiful thing is
that you can have a drink like this. – And a snack, too…
– Yes. Uh, I’m freezing. Please use the service well. [Episode 3, The scene meeting Cho Yo Gyeong.] [Deep Kiss between
Cho Yo Gyeong and Lee Kang.] [The final video.] “I will see you at the banquet.” [Brutal distance between
the drama and the reality_avi] Cut! Uh, so cold~ [Below 18 degrees]
[With or without kiss, Kang is just so cold.] Did you turn it over? Aigoo. I’m freezing. I’m feeling more cold. “She’s something, quite something.” Cut! Ok! / [Dip] [Kang’s challenge in bathtub love.] Good job~
Thank you! [Swim] [Swim] [Joo Sang Wook (40)]
[Best thing is to swim in a tub.] It was the coldest day. Good job. Ah, ah. Ah, so cold. [Grand Prince: Drawing Love]
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