$139 Plane Seat Vs. $24,000 Plane Seat

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– Dude, Ben, have you seen this video? Casey Neistat 21 thousand dollar– what? There’s a shower here? – Yeah, nah, I have seen this. It’s unreal. It’s the OG suite video. Why don’t you just do that? Why don’t you do a planes one? Isn’t that how Worth It works? You just see cool shit on the internet, and you’re like, “Buzzfeed,
pay for me to do that.” – Maybe, is that how this works? – You tell me. Isn’t this your show? Wait, are we on your show right now? – Are we? – You know what I hate
about airplane bathrooms is the flush sound. (imitation toilet flushing) – Today, on Worth It Lifestyle, we’re gonna try three different airlines at three drastically
different price points to find out which one is the
most worth it at its price. – Worth it! I’m all about vacation, traveling, I love it more than anything. My least favorite part of it is the plane. – I do have a treat for you today. Not gonna be flying on
an overbooked airline. Isn’t that crazy how
that’s a treat, though? Airplane! Alex, look at the airplane. It’s gone now. It’s too
late. You missed it. (jazzy music) – My name is Jamie Perry, I’m the Vice President
of Marketing for JetBlue. You’re gonna be flying
on Airbus A321 aircraft from LAX in Los Angeles
to JFK in New York. JetBlue’s been around
for just over 17 years. We were founded with the intention of bringing humanity back to travel. Bit more space, free Tvs, free Wi-Fi now, snacks and beverages for
customers, no overbooking, just being a bit more human
in the way we treat people. – What happens if
someone is caught joining the Mile High Club on JetBlue Airlines? – Well, that doesn’t happen
as often as you would think, but it’s something we discourage. Have a look in the lavatory,
I’m sure you’ll understand why it’s not as easy as some
people might think it is. When you design the interior of aircraft, you notice that there is very little that you can actually change. We have made a lot of little tweaks to our aircraft over the years that are designed to improve
the customer experience. It’s a little thing here,
a little thing there, but it all aggregates up. – Can you tell me about JetBlue’s pricing? – We try to be the cheapest or
close to being the cheapest. We certainly intend to offer
you a far better experience than anybody else does at a better price. – You know what I actually
want on an airline? And this sounds kinda
crazy, is a straight-jacket. – You just wanna be
like a baby swaddled up. – Yes. – You need a nice little pacifier. Have someone tuck you in. (upbeat music) So these look brand new.
It’s like premium leather. They even have like the
leather padded belt. – [Steven] They have
the folding up headrest. (moaning) – I think I’m gonna
join the Mile High Club with this seat right here.
– [Steven] No. Your first thoughts. Go. – It seems like I’ve never
been on an airplane before, but I just can’t believe
that I can actually do this. – It’s the things you take
for granted, you know. Also, Alex is freaking out
over this guy right here. Cup-holders. – It’s the little things
that make all the difference. – [Steven] This is truly
the most leg I’ve ever had. – [Ben] We’re in coach. – Buckle up, soldier. It’s
gonna be quite a ride. (seatbelt clicking) Wait, this isn’t– this
is two of the same one. (drums rolling) Do they have my game on? – [Ben] Yes, they do. – [Steven] What? Usually
I hate getting on planes ’cause you get disconnected
from the world, but we stayed plugged in. Can I get cookies and Cheez-Its? Thank you very much. – [Flight Attendant] You’re welcome. – I’ll just get Cheez-Its, please. I asked for one, he gave me two. That’s a good guy right there. – Doesn’t get better.
– Cheers. (drum rolls) – [Ben] Welcome to Ben’s Bathroom
Breakdown here at JetBlue. Pretty close quarters, very clean. (toilet flushing) Clean, small, functional. One thumb up. Let’s get the meals going here. – I got the Soba with
the Korean-style chicken. – I got the grilled chicken
with brie cheese sandwich. The chicken is delicious,
brie is delicious. The bread could be a little bit fresher. – This one was really good. People are sleeping so I’m
gonna whisper Flight Fact. – I say you just let it out there. – Did you know that when you’re flying, you actually taste things differently than when you’re on land. Your senses are dulled
when you’re in the air. – So you’re saying if I
ate my sandwich on land, it wouldn’t tasted impossibly better. Maybe that’s why all
flight food gets a bad rap. – So we’ve been flying for four hours now. As comfortable as these seats are, sitting in one place for
this long makes me restless. – I’m just ready to get out of this seat. – [Flight Attendant] And
those are the cabin’s fasten seatbelt sign. – Do not like bumping. (beeping) – I don’t mind it. What’s
the worst that could happen? – [Ben] I’m ready to check this one off. I’m in a cab on my way
to surprise my family who has no idea that I’m
in New York right now. Hi! (child laughing) – Apple. Apple. – I stole some snacks
from JetBlue. Hey yo! Wait, how’s your baby? – I don’t have a baby.
– Are you sure? – I have two baby sisters, and they really made the trip worthwhile. – You mean worth it? – Damn it. – Alright, so we’re on our way to Surf Air which is our second airline. We’re going to the nice
area, Santa Barbara. – Just try not to die. – Hey, hey, hey, stop saying that. Alex, can you knock on Ben? – Hi, I’m Sudhin Shahani, the
Chairman and CEO of Surf Air. We’re at the Hawthorne Hanger, and you guys are gonna be
flying to Santa Barbara today. – Oh yeah. And what is Surf Air? – Surf Air is a membership based airline. What that means is members
pay flat monthly fee that pay 1,950 a month, and they get to fly unlimited
on our network of flights that go between LA, San
Francisco, Tahoe, Napa, various other California destinations. – What is like the benefit
of flying Surf Air? – Primarily time. It’s really easy, you pull out your phone, you book in less than 30 seconds, You come up to 15
minutes before departure. Our valet will take your car,
you walk into the terminal, one of our club hosts
will come and greet you. You’ll board the plane– – Wait, no security? – Everyone’s been background
checked, and pre-checked before and you’re a registered member. Very comfortable business class seat. You’re in the air two to three minutes after the door closes. – [Steven] Boom boom boom. – Whole new way of flying. – Can I bring liquids on the plane? – You can bring liquids on the plane, yes. – So I don’t have to
dump out my water bottle before walking in? – You don’t have to dump out
your water bottle before. – That’s huge. So when
we get to Santa Barbara, what should we expect? – [Sudhin] Our concierge will greet you, give you the keys to
the Surf Air Loan-A-Car which is a Tesla that you
could use for the day. – Yes.
– Nice. I like that. – Can I drive? Or should
we have Alex drive? – Alex, you wanna drive? (laughing) – [Steven] Let’s go fly. Whoo! (luxurious music) – Let’s check out these seats. – Here we go! – Why would you–
– I don’t like this. I’m going back. – If it’s just us in here,
this is pretty legit. Check this out. – Oh, help me out here. Yeah. – If one was to join the
Mile High Club in here, there is more than enough room to do it. – Welcome aboard. My name’s Austin. Josh and I will be taking you from LA to Santa Barbara today. If you have any questions,
just come let Josh or I know. – I think I’m mostly happy about the fact that I don’t have to feel your
shoulder rub up against me this type of flight like we did last time. – Here we go, buckle up. I thought there was gonna
be a lot more turbulence, knock on wood, but so far, so good. Much better recline
factor than I’m used to. This is a very comfortable
seat, not gonna lie. – Let me grab that for a second. I wanna show you the leg room that Alex and Ben share right now. Way lot of space. – And, we can have a casual
meeting at the same time. Alright, everything checks out. The company’s yours. – I have this headset, I can use it to communicate with the pilot. Here we go, let us hear. – What’s up, guys? What? Hold up, they’re telling me that I gotta go fly the plane. – Are you serious?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Do not let him fly the plane. Many flights, especially the longer ones, have a special compartment,
known as a ‘corpse cabin,’ which is built to contain people if they die while on board. – Promise me one thing,
if I die in this flight, you won’t abandon my
body in the corpse cabin. – I’ll like probably just
throw you out the window. (drums rolling) It’s time for another segment
of Ben’s Bathroom Breakdown. Alright, so we’re in here. It’s like– Oh my God, there’s a hand. It’s like a little makeshift
bathroom that folds out. It’s a nice toilet, but I’m
definitely not using it. For a plane this small, this works. Alright, I take that back. If Steven Lim can put his hand in while I’m using the bathroom, it’s gotta get a thumbs down for me. (whimsical music) – We just landed in Santa Barbara. And we got a hold of their Tesla. We got Alex on the wheel,
are you gonna be okay? – So how was the flight? – Point A, point B, done in the
most efficient way possible. It eliminated all the lines,
the security, the delays. It’s been the least
stressful travel experience that I can recall.
– Oh, for sure. – I’m not leaving Santa Barbara
without trying some wine so take me to the nearest wine stop. (whimsical music) – Cheers.
– What’s the next plane? – So we’re back in New York, we’re gonna check out the most
expensive airline we can find but before that– (imitating airplane engine noises) Airplane Fact! In the 1980s, the head of
American Airlines removed an olive from every salad that
was served on the plane. That saved the company
40 thousand dollars. What could you give up in life that would save you 40 grand a year? – Food. – Alright, the last airplane to see. Singapore Airlines 24
thousand dollar double suite. – Dude, I have– my whole life, I’ve wanted to fly in one of these crazy– – Wait, I’ll do you one better. Singapore Airlines has
given us exclusive access to the entire aircraft,
grounded for a few hours. – We can run around like
a bunch of little kids. – And they’re gonna serve us everything that they would normally
give on the airplane, and no turbulence! – I wonder if anyone has
joined the Zero Mile High Club? – Oh, like before takeoff. – Yeah, I bet pilots have
really put the cock in cockpit. – Oh my gosh.
– Sorry. (luxurious classical music) – My name’s James Boyd, I’m spokesman for the Americas
with Singapore Airlines, and today, you’re gonna be checking out Singapore Airlines exclusive double suite. It’s aboard the A380 aircraft. It’s the largest passenger aircraft. We’ve developed an
entirely new premium cabin. We called it the Singapore Airlines Suite. If you’re traveling by
yourself, it’s a single suite, but if you’re traveling with someone, we have something that
is a first for aviation, and that is the double suite. We’re looking at hotels, we’re looking at the
travel industry as a whole, and our goal is to reach beyond aviation to create the world’s
best travel experience. – I’ve been waiting a
long time to try this. – [James] The first thing you experience is a welcome from our crew members. – [Steven] Awesome. Thank you. – [Both] Ooh! – [Steven] This one’s mine? Oh my go– (laughing) What am I gonna do with all that space? – Dude, talk about leg room. – Whoa.
– Wow. This is bigger than my
dining room table at home. – This is bigger than my TV at home. Oh look at this! Little cubby-hold for my feet! – What’s the reline-ability? – [Both] Ooh! – [Steven] What is happening to my feet? Wait a second! – I’m going all the way in. – I feel like I’m being
tucked in like a baby. – Then, the presentation of amenities. – Thank you so much. This is cologne. Oh my God. (Steven laughing) Can we actually keep this? – Yes! – Oh yeah. – I missed. – We also give you a fantastic
cotton jersey sleep suit. – [Steven] Sleeper suit. – When you’re up in the sky, and you’re getting all these treats, you’re basically in heaven,
like this is heaven. Let’s go change in our PJs. – Okay, let’s go. (drums rolling) – Ready for Ben’s Bathroom Breakdown? I’m changing my PJs. See you on the other side. Alright, definitely most
spacious bathroom we’ve been in. We’ve got lights, we’ve got paper towels, we’ve got a bench? This is a pretty fancy sink. What? We got a good looking toilet here. Let’s test the flush. Oh my God. That is the quietest
flush we’ve heard yet. Oh wait, what? We got a comb drawer? First comb on Ben’s Bathroom Breakdown. It gets one, two, three
thumbs of approval. I gotta get Steven in here. – Ooh. Alright, gimme the camera,
I’m gonna do a little bit of– – Alright, get in your jammies. – Jammy time. What is this, cotton? Wow, these are comfy. Boom! Look at this pants. See that? There is a piece of wood on the drawstring to hold it together. Now that’s quality. We get to play with the whole airplane. Money can’t buy what
we’re about to experience. – [Ben] No. – [James] Well, if you’ve
got about 300 million dollars at these prices, you
might get one of these. – Ooh, man! – I wish I could go to work
wearing this every day. Can you invite me to dinner on your side? – Yeah, let’s– join me for dinner. – Alright. – We like to present our passengers with a choice of beverage, and for many of our passengers, that really comes down to having that fantastic glass of champagne. The choice of Dom Perignon
or Krug Grande Cuvee. – I’ve been hearing rappers
talking Dom Perignon since as far as I can remember. I gotta try the DP. Thank you for bringing me on this voyage. It’s been worth it so far. – [Steven] Cheers. (whimsical classical music) That’s like biting an alcoholic apple picked from the vineyard. – I would never forget about the Krug. – Ooh, that’s heaven. Yeah,
that’s the one right there. That is the best champagne in the world. (laughing) You know what we’re doing next? We’re gonna have champagne with caviar. – Yes, we are.
– Are you kidding me? – [Ben] Caviar, champagne, Steven Lim? What more can ask for? I don’t know any different,
but that is damn good. I didn’t think it could get any better. – I’m just going all in on this. – Eat that whole– wow. (laughs) Cheers! (ascending climatic flute notes) Damn, that is good! – It’s fresh! It is really fresh lobster!
– Mhm! – [Steven] And we’re in an airplane! We’re in the opposite
of the ocean right now. Alex, you gotta try this, man. That’s good. This is not airplane food. – No, we’re having like a five
star hotel food right now. We’ve done it. – Food coma turned into bed time. – Wanna take a little nap? How do we sleep in this thing? – Your seat transformed
into a life-like bed. Best night’s sleep you’ve
ever had 35 thousand feet. (intense classical music) – Whoa, dude! The bed is huge! – It’s enormous. I never
thought I would be getting into bed with you on an airplane. – [Steven] Oh my gosh.
Alright, let’s just do this. Ooh! Is that memory foam?
Dude, what is happening? Look at this space. Oh. – Quality sheets. – I just have to check real quick, how easy is it to roll over to your side? – Alright, too close for comfort. – Wait, hold up, we
can close all of these. Like we can close the shades. – Now, let’s get private. This is it. Good night.
– Good night, world. This has been Worth It
Lifestyle: Airplane Edition. See you in the morning.
– Later. (popping music) – What word can you use to describe that? – Exclusive. We just got to do something very few people ever get the chance to do. 24 thousand dollar airplane seat? – That’s what Worth It is.
– Yeah. – You get to play in
the playground of life. Which one is your Worth It winner? – Every one has so many
good things going for it. Surf Air was amazing
in that it’s this club where you get to pay a monthly fee, but go all up and down the coast. That being said, my Worth It winner has gotta be JetBlue. Affordable tickets, quality seats, it allows me to fly from the
west coast to the east coast, back and forth, see my
family as much as I want. – If you need to go from here to China, what’re you gonna do? You can’t even take JetBlue. You can’t even take Surf Air there. Just for that reason
alone, I’m calling it. Singapore Airlines is my
Worth It winner, dude. – Whoa! 24k? – Here’s the thing, okay, I have a lot of family in Malaysia. The trip always sucks. Alex, who’s your Worth It winner? Put my mic here for you.
– [Ben] C’mon. – This has been awesome–
where are we right now? Who knows, but– Peace. Can you imagine if everyday tasks, or like, going to the airport– let’s say you gonna take a dump, right? And you gotta wait an hour and
a half, go through security, and do all that just
to take a dump, right? That’s a problem.


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