12 of the World’s Smallest Toys that Actually Work!

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– We have a collection of
the world’s smallest toys waiting to be opened. – We’re gonna unwrap all these presents, and at the end we’re gonna
pick which one we like best. – Let’s do it.
– All right. (ding) (upbeat music) – Look at those presents! – [Jaime] We gotta pick our first one. – [Kiera] Okay. – You know what? Ladies first. – Why thank you. I’m kind of thinking the
mermaid fish scale package. (poof) – I’m thinking yours has the tiny toy. – I think maybe, yeah.
– Okay. See, mine just has a top. – Yeah, yours
– You can tell like – I don’t want you to spoil it for me. – Okay, all right. One, two, three. (gasping) – Aww!
– Care Bear! – It’s a Care Bear! This is so cute. – I had one of these growing up. Maybe more than one. – Maybe more than one? (laughing) – All right, turns out there were than ten original bears. This guy here is Cheer Bear, and you have – Cher Bear.
– Cher Bear. It’s got the Care Bear heart on there. – So the tiny toy
– This is original – also has the heart. It just doesn’t have
Care Bear printed on it. It’s more embroidered on there. – Looks just like it. – Would fit nicely in your pocket. Maybe you could attach a key chain and hang it on a backpack or something? – Yeah.
– Totes adorbs. – Tiny Care Bear, I give it two big thumbs up. – Me too. – I think we should start simple. – Okay
– I think we should go classic blue. (poof) I’m excited to open a present. – I am too. I feel like
it’s Christmas morning. Oh no way! – Whoa, you got a Game Boy? – I got a Game Boy! – Ohhh, okay. – What is that? – This is Tetris Mini Arcade. – Oh my gosh. I got Tetris in mine. – Ohh, you got the small. I see. It’s just Tetris. I mean granted, Tetris isn’t like the most
high tech game on that plane, like Red Dead Redemption or something, but it still like plays well
and it’s such a classic game. Oh I just screwed up. Oh my god, I have anxiety. – As far as the game itself is concerned, it functions pretty much the same. – It’s Tetris, baby.
– Yeah. – Either way it’s Tetris. This is super thin. You could really like put
this in like a pocket. You could take it anywhere. I think it’s pretty cool. Oh, I just noticed this has volume. You can turn the volume on and off. As a parent, that’s going
– If I were to take one on the road, if I wanted
to get my Tetris fix, I’d probably take the little pocket mini. – Okay. I want that
one, yellow polka dots. (poof) (ripping paper) Ohh.
– Oh! GI Joe! – GI Joe! Mine came with a little – Binoculars.
– set of binoculars. GI Joe.
– This is one of the originals. The tiny toy, I believe, is modeled after the 1970’s version. It’s kind of like
– Right, right. – Barbies, but an action figure. – Absolutely.
– You can change outfits. – Right. My action figure, he’s in this outfit and
it cannot be changed. – He’s got little accessories. – Right, he’s got a little accessory. I would call it like equipment, or gear. Ya know? Since it’s
– Accessories. – a GI Joe, I wouldn’t
really call it an accessory. – So as far as visual, they look pretty similar. He’s got the tiny toy as the fuzzy hair. – Yeah, I like the fuzzy hair.
I think that’s a great touch. I like the accessories. – You said accessories. – Equipment. A lot of mobility
here, moves it’s arms, legs. Can we twist the head? No, head is stuck. – So he’s pretty cute. I think he’s pretty cute. – Ohhh, I don’t know if I
like the word cute for it. – I really just want him to hold him. – That is kind of cute (laughs). – It’s the doll for the doll. – Will you
– You know – pull his pants back
– Oh (laughs) – please. (laughing) – Sorry. (laughing) – You’re pantsing GI Joe. – I didn’t know. He needs
to put on a few pounds. If anyone’s having, you know nostalgia, for the original GI Joe. The tiny toy is a great fix for that. – Let’s do the rainbow diamonds. – That’s a fun print.
– Yeah. (poof) (ripping paper) (gasps) – Tinker Toys!
– Tinker Toys. – Mine’s like legit old school. – Yeah. Now, if you’re not familiar, these things are construction toys. – Oh look how small yours are. – Yeah, these are so small. – Yeah, you get these
like wooden dowels I guess and you put them in these
different wooden shapes. – Mine are plastic. Yours are wood. – Visually, they’re pretty similar. – Very similar. The only thing I’d say is if they made these out of wood, they’d be like spot on miniature versions. – Yeah. You’ve got your circular pieces, different lengths of the different rods. – Certainly. It’s very cute. – The mini ones pretty cute, I like that. I guess it would also be good for just like a nostalgia factor. Tiny Tinker Toys. – Tiny Tinker toys are
– You can Tinker Tiny now. – Oh yeah. – I think we should go
with the pink polka dots. (poof) – Bring it on in. (ripping paper) Oh!
– Jumanji. – It’s Jumanji. I’ve never played this, but I’ve seen the movie with the Rock. – Isn’t there a more original Jumanji? – With Robin Williams, yes.
– Yes. Here we have the wooden game board, that I’m noticing
– This is made out of more that
plastique kind of wood. We’ve got two baby little dice. – Aww.
– And a couple characters that seem to be magnetic. – You can’t really probably play the game, but it’s more of, dare
I say, an accessory. – It’s like a little, little
baby version of Jumanji. You can’t actually play it. It’s like a little fandom
accessory type of thing. This would be good for, you know your little GI Joe guy to play. – Aww.
– He could play that. – I want the one like
next to the rainbow one. – So you want that blue, green, teal one. (poof) You know I think (gasps). (ripping paper) – Oh my god, look how tiny this is! – We have the Glo Worm. – A product of the eighties. – Yes. Can we kill the lights? Let’s kill the lights for a second. You take it’s face, boop. Aw look at that! – The question is, does the tiny one glow too? – Let’s find out. – It glows pretty
=Yeah. – good actually. – Look at that. – Look at this little glow. – The normal sized guy you
can open up on the back, and it’s got a switch back here. It’s got the light mode and
then I’ve got this other mode. (soft music) – Oh, it’s playing a
little lullaby for you. [Jaime] – This was my jam. – This is Jaime’s jam apparently. – Yeah. He got into this. – So the small one does not play music. – No.
– But it does glow and it has pretty much the same look. It’s got the little tassel at the end. And even, I think this is a nice touch, if you turn it around
it’s got a fake zipper. Glo Worm.
– Glo Worm. [Jaime] – Glo Worm! – One, two, three. – Blue!
– Blue. Blue it is. (poof) (ripping paper) Oh yeah! Duncan Imperial Yo-yo. – This is like the king of Yo-Yos. – I was kind of into Yo-Yos for a while. – Get out!
– I was kind of into them. – Look how much smaller it is. But it’s got the exact same
– Logo. – logo and everything. I’m just gonna kind of go over here and – Ohhhh
– Did you see how – You still got it!
– I put it to sleep! – You got it!
– Let’s see what you got here. – This is gonna be so bad. – Oh, it works! – Even though my skills are kind of, have kind of left me. My Yo-Yo skills. It’s tiny, it’s cute, it’s portable and it still does everything
a regular Yo-Yo does. – Okay, I got it. And then ohhhh, what’s (laughing) You’ve gotten cheap
little Yo-Yos out of like, you know the quarter
dispenser toy thing at like a restaurant and they’re always so junky, but this feels like the exact.
– Solid. – Yeah, same material here. – Whoa. – This is a Dunken
Yo-Yo, just made smaller. – Super portable. – Super portable.
– Just like the original. – Yeah.
– Just (slurp noise). – Leaning towards either full sprinkles, or mint and sprinkles. – Oh mint sprinkles sounds delicious. – It does. Okay. (poof) (ripping paper) Ohhh! – Look how tiny that is! – Fischer Price little
lawn mower thingy popper. – It’s a popper. They
call them Corn Popper. Does yours pop? (popping noise) Ohh, it’s got a little mini sound to it! – Shhh. (popping noise) – Why does that sound so cute? – It’s like it’s trying hard
to be like it’s big brother. – This one, if you have kids,
gets a littttttle obnoxious. That’s one thing I like about this one, it’s not as like loud and obnoxious. If you’re doing a baby shower gift, this would be like perfect to like attach to the ribbon on the outside. This is like full on cute factor. – For sure. – This would be super cute,
on like a baby room shelf. Like a nursery shelf or something. – For sure. – The red with the stars. – With the stars on it?
– Yeah. – Yeah, that one looks good.
– Yeah. (poof) (ripping paper) Oh yeah!
– Ohhhh! Oh snap! Look at that. – Super Soaker. – That’s like an original. What is that? The SP-50? – This is the SP-50. – Oh, this is the SP-50. That’s right. It’s pretty accurate. I
wonder if this slides. Oh, it does.
– Oh, so these actually shoot? – Let’s get some water.
– Okay. (water sloshing) – We’re filled. So let’s see. (squirting noise) Oh!
– Whoa! (squirting noise) – That’s a good 15 feet or so. Pretty cool, pretty cool. – Oh, jeez! – Sorry, sorry. I just wanted
to see if it worked yeah. (squirting) Oh gosh! That was way too much! – I’m sorry.
– I feel like you’re not sorry. – Just on a hot day like
– Yeah. – you just carry this
around in your pockets, pull it out at any time. – I like the tiny super soakers. – I like them too. – Uhhh, let’s do
– Which one you gunna go with – something fun. I want polka dots. – Ohhh. (poof) (paper ripping) No way. Oh that takes me back. Rock-a-Stack baby
– It’s a classic baby toddler’s toy. So this one the rings can separate, so you can play with them. You can’t actually take
them off like that one. – It’s okay you don’t need to do that. – But it does have the same wobble to it. This one is definitely cuter. – Oh yeah. Do you think
you can attach a little fishing string and a hook on here and hang this as an ornament? – Oh that’s a good idea.
– Yeah? – I can see somebody having this as like, just to be cute.
– On the desk. – But then like, you ended up
kind of playing with it a lot. – You working on like
papers and everything. – Uh-huh. What do adults work on? They work on budget reports. – Yeah.
– Extremely similar. – Yeah.
– It’s got the wobble! – It’s got the wobble baby. Wobble wobble, oh. (laughing). – What do you want to do? Do you want to do that hat box? That round one? – Yeah, with the feathers? – Yeah. (poof) (paper ripping) Ohh
– Ohhh yeah! – My Little Pony.
– My little Pony. Two comes in this pack I’m pretty sure. – Oh you get, okay you got
double the action alright. – And a tiny comb. They have the hair, – Right.
– just like the regular version. You can comb it. – Right.
– Oh yah, yah. – It’s got this sort of
star on the butt here and they’re called cutie marks. A unique symbol on one or
both sides of their flanks. This one, I don’t think is one of the originals from the eighties, but you definitely have originals. – I have Minty. And this one is Firefly. – I’m guessing, in each package you would get different ones, so
you could like collect mini versions of the originals. – It’s super cute in my opinion. – My daughters would love this. – Sprinkles all the way. – Ohhh, it’s sprinkle time. (paper ripping) (gasps) Miniature Gumby and miniature Pokey. Were you a Gumby fan growing up? – Oh my god
– I was a Gumby fan – was I a Gumby fan. – So mini Gumby is flexible. Oh, he can do the splits. He can wave, or he can go backwards. He actually is pretty flexible. I wasn’t sure if he was gonna be. Is the Pokey pretty flexible? – The full size is very flexible. The little tiny guy is also very flexible. You can do a lot of stuff. You can bend his legs any which way. His head can twist. – Pretty identical. Got
red eyes, the yellow nose, the yellow eyebrows, the yellow mouth. I do like that this one is very playable still. ♪ – Take my horse down to old town road ♪ ♪ gonna ride ’till I can’t go home. ♪ I don’t know the words. – I don’t either. – Gumby doesn’t either! – Which one do you want? – I think we go with that trash can. (poof) (paper ripping) – Oh!
– Oh. Silly Putty.
– Silly Putty. – This is an interesting
one to make smaller, because it’s like. – Already very small. – It’s already pretty small. Pretty close. – Pretty close, yeah. – Yeah. Aw
– Awww. This is just adorable
little amount of putty. – It’s just a cool little amount of putty. As long as you’ve got
kind of enough to do that, it’s still fun to play with. Do you remember the coolest thing to do with silly putty was? (bouncy music) Alright, I’ve written
something with a pencil. I’ll take my Silly Putty and just kind of press it down on there. You lift that up. – (gasps) So cute! The
tiny version appears to be the exact same putty
that’s in the original. – Right, oh one hundred
percent same putty. It is a pretty small amount of putty, but it’s still fun
– Still satisfying. – to play with. – But it’s not much of a choice. There’s just like the one left. (crickets) (poof) (paper ripping) Oh, this is a good one! – Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em baby. – What? (plastic hitting) – So much fun to play, but
I’ve never seen a mini version and these look so similar. So what you do, is you
take your controller and come move it around
and you try to get in there and get a nice jab. (plastic hitting) – Oh see, I jabbed him! – Oh, and I’m up. Heads up. – Instead of these buttons,
you have ones in the back. A little more portable. – We literally have free reign – That’s true.
– all over the table. – Oh yeah, it worked
– It went up, it went up. – Look at that.
– Wow. – So they kept the same yellow platform to match the color of the ring. – Yeah, it’s very accurate looking. – I could see this
playing with my brother, like in the backseat of the car. – This is totally a backseat of a car. – This is a back seater.
The fight continues. – And has been made, I’d say, even better. – You ready to reveal your favorite? – I am. – There are a lot of good contenders. – Lot of good toys.
– I’d say. – One, two, three. (clanking noise) Oh, the Yo-Yo. – Oh, that was my second favorite. They shoot really far. Pretty impressive for how small they are. I was really into Yo-Yos, and this just brings back memories. – I had one in particular
that was my favorite out of all of them, and
it’s the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em. They’re portable, you
could play them anywhere. – My favorite combines
my childhood nostalgia with portable playability,
and that of course is my guy Gumby and his guy Pokey. So cute, and still flexible. – Kiera, where can you buy these? – Jaime they can buy these at Vat19.com. – Right, that’s where you work. (beep) I think this is a Dunkin Donut, ah (laughing) – This is a donut. – This is a donut. (beep) – Being a Wolverine,
you’re gonna slice this – Yeah, I got it come on.
– with your feet. (ripping box) We could have gotten a pair of scissors. – No. (beep) – Look, I can’t. – Ow!
– What happened? ♪ Vat19 dot com. ♪ (clicking)



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