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Is the baby sleeping peacefully or is something wrong it’s a question every, new, parent can relate to that’s, why We created the allit smart stock to watch over your, baby, while they sleep The allit smart stock tracks. Your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, using clinically proven. Pulse oximetry And then sends this information to a Base station via bluetooth the base station glows green to let you know everything is ok? But is designed to notify you with lights and sounds if something appears to be wrong? Parents can, see real-time heart rate and oxygen levels, and receive direct notifications to their smartphone using a let’s app It’s a smarter way to check on your baby and a better way to know, their, ok? Outlet rest assured this, is the summer infant pop and play portable playard for babies 6 to 24 months or up to 35 inches tall your little one Is growing fast and getting more mobile every, day, the pop and play portable playard helps, make this time easier by creating a Safe play area for your Child the ultra lightweight compact folding frame comes out-of-the-box fully assembled meaning This indoor/outdoor play art can, be set up and taken down in a matter of seconds making it perfect For use at home the park or a, weekend away the weather and water resistant flooring help, keep, baby dry even on damp grass While the airy, mesh sites provide added ventilation as, well as increased visibility The footprint of 14 square feet with The 26 inch high trail offers plenty of room for baby to move around and secure safety a travel Bag with shoulder strap is included for on-the-go convenience the, my, size potty from summer infant fits little ones just right my Size potty looks and feels like an adult toilet helping little ones feel all grown up and helping to make the transition a Comfortable and confident one the handle features a flush sound For a job, well done featuring a. Flip-up seat and Built-in wipe compartments to help promote healthy habits My, size potty, also features a removable easy, clean, bowl, my size potty, also includes a clip-on Slash guard, for boys the my, size potty from summer infant because the potty starts here Okay, guys it’s the middle of the night and it’s your turn to feed, while mom sleeps okay? Great i’m gonna go no i want you to see this the quick serve bottle warmer warms breast milk Formula or baby food in minutes Hope, stay with me Look, at this it holds wide narrowed angle even disposable bottles so i can See joy in the middle of the night without having to wake you up next time Check out this safety feature it has an auto shutoff So does she apparently Regalos versatile easy, step walkthrough Child safety gate covers openings and doorways from 29 to 40 inches with one include extension you’ll Love the no hassle no tool installation with a Pressure mount system that makes setup and takedown A breeze even when you’re dealing with baseboards and uneven surfaces additional hardware is included as, well if you want a more permanent installation No, more climbing over gates that won’t open the easy Step offers a convenient easy to operate handle and safety lock and it’s built tough with sturdy all steel construction To, last for years and years we all want our children to Become the best that they can be to explore and broaden their horizons to go as far in life As possible to get ahead at leapfrog, we believe every? Child can get there one step at a time That’s why everything, we develop is designed to expand a? Child’s knowledge and imagination one success at a time? Every adventure Every lesson Every curious moment helps kids build, greater confidence and passion for what comes next That’s what leapfrog, means and? it’s how, we encourage engage and excite children to reach their full potential

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