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Hello to all of you at Suna Hobby YouTube channel Today we will show you how to make this beautiful fiber Let me take a look first Pretty beautiful and flashy beautiful model You can subscribe to my channel and like me to support me. I’m waiting for you. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim model construction Let’s make 6 chains I made a discount on the 2nd chain of the week Wish you fixed Tell me a small ring formed 123 chain I’m making our people in vain peanut 4 times I’m closing I’m making two chains in the same place second I’m closing 2 chains I’m doing the same place 3 I closed the chain We will make a total of 6 in this way There must be 6 in total with 2 chains. Constants Cat chain going to vain I’m doing a religion I’m making peanuts here again I’m making two chains the same place second Two chains I’m crossing over Closing two chains to the same place I’m doing the second 2 chains side by side I’m switching to nerve vain I’m making the second to the same place with two chains closed In this way I’ve got two peanuts for the nerve disorder. This is the end of the sequence We have two peanuts in each section Two chains Here you start right at the front of the peanut I say fixed I’m making a chain here I’m making peanuts I’m going again This time we will make 3 in each section 2 chains in the same place 2 I make 2 chains together Let’s do 3 I’ve been 3 in the way 2 chains We’il move to the middle of the double chick next door. Close up two chains on the same place Close up of twin 3 years in the same place Shaped 2 chain crochet, each with 3 peanuts I’m crossing over I closed 2 chains The second I did will have 12 chains in between Yes this way Let’s complete this mystery like this. We have three peanuts. Let’s fix it again I’ve fixed it here from a village I’m chaining I’m making peanuts I’m doing the same backup fine by the way two chains are closed I closed 2 chains to the same place 3 In this way, there will always be 3 peanuts between the two peanuts throughout our model. I’m making a single peanut on the side I’m closing there with two chains I’m crossing over there I’m closing I’m doing the second to the same place in the chain 8 same place I’m doing 3 chains I make single peanuts Two chained crochet tangled to the side crossing this way I’m doing the same process here I always come to the end of the double peanut without three peanuts We came back to the end of the same method I showed 2 Fig sweet I’m fixing it here once in a while Let’s continue the same way again In the middle of the double peanut chain will do three peanuts to no avail a I’ve closed 2 chains I’ve made 2 chains I did 3 Let’s make a single peanut to the side 2 Dinçer Close up of two chains to the side I make single peanuts I made 2 chains now adame I’m moving to the other side I’m doing the second to the same place I’m doing chain 3 to the same place Close up of 2 chains into other chain gap I do 4 times if we wrap Stops fuller In this way, the side chain sign by signing 2 chain wheels Corum and mod that way will do the same operations again Let’s weave it up to the desired size. There will be three peanuts between Hepar 2 peanuts. I learned a little that way I knitted a little 5 single Structure Scania knitted as much as possible 1 2 3 4 5 And We will continue now As you can see, it’s always a double peanut. Places I continued as a peanut Now is 8’li Fixed comments No longer Peanut will not continue to increase without making I Constants I’m making a chain Okay, I’m making peanuts here. I’m closing There will be 2 chains to the side again I go on as single peanut Closing a Chain I keep making peanuts to digestion lights. 8 years I am wrapping Airbag 2 chains I came to my last chain Let me show you In this way I’m making a chain I made one Just another one Total of 2 On the side of the apocalypse I switched to peanuts 2 chains in between Let’s continue as Duratek tourist attractions Yeah Let’s weave a single peanut up here I’ve come this far as a single peanut Discourse Now again Let’s make a chain Let’s make a little spider not so small Throw the film between us salt I’m making another crochet. Side by side Leaf Switch Close up of 2 chains We’re going to go to the side as a single peanut. When I passed my daughter spider We continue as peanuts in Figure Making 2 spiders Let’s complete it in other sections Yes the same way I showed the end of the spiders made two in a row Now we’re gonna make two spiders back here with a chain and wait right I did one The way you’re doing more I became 1 Here hill I say fixed Last time I’m doing another one right here is a language I know right side by side here again I’m doing it now Two chains crossed on land Chain sides What do we do at the nerve peanuts There’s a chain over there. Now we have come to no avail with infinity I’m making a chain again I’m making a spider I made two, and here I say health in the middle of two spiders I’m making two spiders in a row Because of my house, I’m switching to peanuts Chain between Number of spiders in each row As one will increase Again I’m making a spider I signed you two in a row I made a chain here I’m patient I’m making another one again, two in a row. Hi, I’m crossing the side by making peanuts. There’s a chain in the house In this way Let’s finish to the end, so I’m back to the end There are two spiders in each, and this spider is on top of the stomach hernia. I know maybe I’m crossing over here with a chain making peanuts here Close up of 2 chains I’ve switched to the chain on the side in vain Figs did switch from one side to the other Download with two chains Let’s make 2 chains We’ve come all the way here now. We’ve done something that will make the spider again We’ve fixed two here and let’s fix it Let’s make a religion again 2 in a row Side by side I made a chain Let’s get to know all of us red and let’s make a peanut transition right here. Close up 2 chain repeat chain beads We will continue to do this way the number of spiders 3 One in each row will increase Number of peanuts in each row 1 Let’s weave up to 2 peanuts. 2 peanuts as much as possible, as you can see here 2 peanuts left The number of spiders has increased by 1 this way Now we will do the edge part I Knitted a little And like this I said I’m sorry I fixed here. Over here Let’s start the middle of the press here in the petshop to make spider again I made my sister-in-law I’m making 123 chains Let’s make peanuts here. I’m closing Chain Come here I am waiting for the training Nisa I made a chain this way Again I’m making a spider This side Again we continue to fix the same way I made a chain Spider Chain I’m making peanuts I’m closing The chain is fixed here Repeat a chain I made a spider Fixed side-by-side comments Chain Spider I made a peanut here with a chain. I closed 3 chains Emine hard I say It will continue this way All here Let’s fix it is a religion I made a spider Dream Let’s do it this way around the edges Let’s continue to make the edge again I’ve come to this corner where the corner where the peanuts I’m here to fix it. Let’s make a religion I’m making the spider again I made the chain Let’s make peanuts I close the chain fixed here comment I made a chain I made a spider again In this way we switch to the side We continue the same process A chain made of spiders made a Let’s make figs here peanuts I know I’m closing the chain right here I made a chain. I know it’s fixed to the side We make peanuts here with the chain. Again 3 chains fixed to the bottom here Spider on a chain again Let’s fix the first spider we steadies Messenger even to the bottom I’m making a spider with a chain again. I’ve never been to the party OK close Chained here I say fixed Spider made side by side Let’s do it here on the other side. That way we’ve all finished the edges. The last time I was there I cut the spider to make dinner I fixed it in the middle of the peanut. in Figure It was quite a handy model, so let me show you the edges right away. We really did it this way. You can subscribe to my channel and support me by liking Many thanks in advance Thank you for what you say Be sure to build again to discuss Goodbye


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