📱 Don’t Fall In Love With Your App Programming Language

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Hey, this is the Daily Overpass! My name
is Eric and I make apps! Now today, I just want to say don’t fall in love with your
programming language. Back at my first software development
job when I was a junior developer, I was learning the Microsoft Stack. So, I
started off with VBA and then it was VB5 and VB6 and then ASP and a lot of the
web stuff. And we had two different teams at the investment bank that we
were working on. Two different development teams, we have the Microsoft
team which was a bunch of us Microsoft developers when we did all the the ASP
applications. We had a Java team and they did Java servlets, java servlets, JSP
pages, everything like that. Now, the developers and the Microsoft team, we all
knew for a fact that Java was a terrible language and it was a bunch of hippies
with sandals and all that kind of stuff. It was fine. You could do it. It was free,
but it was – it was we knew knew it was not a very good language. On
the other side, the Java developers knew that the Microsoft developers were just
working with toys. It couldn’t scale, they used gooeys, they didn’t know how to use
a terminal, etc. We – we had these opinions about the others and if
somebody said something bad about our language, we were offended by it. I can
remember being offended by somebody saying how ASP is a good language for a
web app if you have like 10 users, but it can’t really scale to more and I remember being like, “What does he know? He doesn’t know this language. He hasn’t been up
at night at 10, 11 o’clock at night, trying to fix something because you’re dealing with all these different issues, and learning the
process of learning a new language.” Can be very difficult sometimes, I mean, you
have quick wins where you learn really great things and you have these
low-level bugs or environmental issues that you have to solve. And you’re on
Stack Overflow for hours trying to sort these kind of things. We’ve all been
there and we all take the languages that we learn very, very seriously. I can
remember having artists having arguments with people about how PHP would kick ASPs ass in a fight. It’s ridiculous things, right? And throughout my career, it’s
always been the same. I can remember talking bad about SharePoint to a
SharePoint developer and he was saying, it was like he’s getting really upset with me like I’ve insulted them. And I had to backtrack saying, “I’m sorry, it’s just we have these opinions about stuff.” So, the reason I’m talking about
this is a couple of months ago, I did a video about the Ionic Framework, talking
about how much I love the Ionic Framework, but we weren’t going to use it
for any new projects because I was concerned about the webview, and I was
concerned about client projects going forward. That’s all I was
talking about. I mean, it’s got – that video is probably the most popular video on
this channel. I don’t know why. If you search for Ionic
Framework it comes up first. If you search for Ionic, it comes up like fourth.
I don’t know why YouTube put it there, but it does. It’s just my opinion going
forward and I think iInic is a great framework. If you have like 10 or 20 applications, it’s great. But my concern would be if there’s a platform
update or if they start rejecting webview could apps, for whatever reason it
was based on an article I read. It wasn’t something I just came up, I dreamed up.
But anyway, there was all that. But that video has had some of the nastiest
comments I’ve had on any video people saying things like “You suck!” (laughs)
That’s – that’s pretty tame. But there’s some pretty nasty comments on there.
And at first, I was getting like really upset like, “Why are these people are insulted? What did I do? It was just – and then – then I realized
“Hey, I insulted them first. I’m the one who said you know that the Ionic Framework was whatever.” I think it’s more the title than anything else cuz I
really I love the Ionic Framework. I think it’s very elegant. If you do
PWAs, I mean, I would definitely go that way. But I’m concerned about client
applications going forward because we have so much coming through and the
last thing I want is for a platform change, to have every client calling me
up and saying, “What are we gonna do? How are you gonna fix it?” That’s my problem.
And some people say that will never happen and they may be true. That may be
true. They may be. So anyway, but my message today is when you start moving
from being a developer working for others, or even working for yourself and
start looking at more the business side. Like what is the most efficient language
I can use? What is most efficient technology we can use in terms of
performance, but also in terms of cost? So that would be things like how many
developers are available who know this language and so forth. You start thinking
about that stuff. You start ro think about what’s the best language for this
project going forward. Truth is that most languages, the output
is pretty much the same. When people say what’s better Java or Kotlin, the
output is pretty much the same, whichever you are more comfortable to as a
developer, but you have to be willing to learn. And when you’re thinking about the
business, I think about what is the best technology going for – for this going
forward. Sometimes, the best technology is the one you know the best if you’re the
developer you’re going to use. But I think it’s a bit silly and not – again, I’m
the same in this that we identify so closely with the languages that we learn.
So, my message today and you let me know if you disagree with me, is don’t fall in
love with the language that you learn. The technology evolves all the time. You
may have WAP skills learning, the Wireless Application Protocol in the
early days of mobile, that’s no longer relevant. I happen to hate PHP with a
passion. I hate working with PHP, but PHP is what Facebook is built on, so it’s
obviously not a bad language. Well, we all have our opinions about these kind of
thing. But if I’ve offended anybody when I talk about a language or Ionic or
whatever, that is not my intention and let me just apologize now. So anyway, that
is it for today. I will talk to you, guys, again tomorrow!

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