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Hello Suna Hobby Welcome to my YouTube channel Today I will show you how to make this beautiful fiber. Let’s take a closer look first Very beautiful wonderful model in Figure You can subscribe to my channel and support me by liking Many thanks in advance Thank you for your support Mut I’m waiting I’ll be very happy I’m just starting to make all of us Let’s start with our Bismillahirrahmanirrahim model 123456 I made the chain 6A I Sabitleyel Tell me I have a small ring I’m making 123 chains our people I’m making peanuts 4 times Two chains in the same place Second doing Let’s close I’m making 2 chains the same place 3 Chain searched to the same place Again Let’s make a child There will be 6 in total 6 pounds or something It was one two three four five six Healthy review to the top of the ambition here two chains I’m doing a religion I’m making peanuts up the hill I’m closing A chain Back to the top I’m not hanging from the bottom Two of them I’m closing There are two chains I do longing sideways often Again we apply the same process here Two of them I’m closing 2 chains side by side yapıyorum I’m closing Up a chain hill Closing immediately to the bottom Yeah This way you can do all the Let’s complete I know it’s right on top of two chains with chicks. I’m making a chain I’m making a peanut here. I’m closing A chain again Up a hill the bottom Side by side I’m going to make a three-off auction. I closed a new one Emine Two of them I’m closing Number of peanuts was flood Two chains of peanuts making a side chain To the bottom of a hill Left corner Three in one I’m closing a chain on the floor Left corner Two shackles side by side with two chains We pass by making peanuts Let’s do it again We have come to the end of this ranking There is one peanut in each section Two chains of peanuts to the top of the health I call here to create our model now We’re going to subtract first. I’m picking up a peanut from here. I made a chain that we’re doing two of our deficiencies by closing one I closed the ground to a bottom Songül three things to one I’m closing a chain I’ve made now we’ll make two auctions I turned it down. the bottom I’m closing the two one, we’ve made a boost now let’s do the second I turned it down. We’re going to make a couple of increments through our model back to the bottom. One, two, three … I’m making peanuts I’il take it from the other side. 2 x 1 Closing a Chain I turned it down. the bottom To the last corner I’m closing three. We’re going to do sugar research I turned it down. the bottom We’ve done a close I closed the second place Bottom one I’m closing 3 Number of peanuts back to side with two chains Peanuts by doing your job in this way Again, we will apply the same process until the end of the same method I showed We have come to the end of each section There are 3 peanuts at the bottom 27 side by side number of peanuts Now says 2 chains fixed where we started here I’ve made a chain We’re going to do it again Peanut I’m going to do it all along our model. I made a chain I turned it down. the bottom Three to one side I’m closing We’il close the triple We’re going to increase it twice. Are we going to do a plus two by closing the binary I did something I closed the ground to a bottom I’m closing a I’ve increased 2 times Number of pistachios in Ordu Yuksel Now in two chains again side by side We will do the same We’il raise the two by closing one I’m closing three. I made a chain We will close the robes until the end We’re going to double-raise 2 times I did something I hung up a new peanut A peanut in the air turning off both of them I did the second There are 4 peanuts Well with the chain to the side I made peanuts 1 side by side -1 In this way Throughout our model, the number of peanuts will rise from 4 to 56. Instagram How much we will continue with the same method Let’s count the 6 peanuts side by side as much as possible by replicating 12 I have three, four, five, six side by side peanuts that big. Now we’re going to make my daughter leaf When the new two chains came here Waiting right where I started I’m making a chain here I whistle again We continue to knit 7 of us I’m closing both I did Up a hill the bottom Side by side Three in one I’m closing I made a chain. We will make the leaf I’m just laughing here in a Chain What should I do Let us conduct all of tp1 the bottom Side by side 3 green one close up I did it before. I’m getting a post off the bottom Side by side Three One One Two White One Green I’m closing the type Side by side 3 white I make a chain Taking my green thread A chain the bottom Three in one I’m closing for 3 people A chain I turned it down. I’m getting it white Replication or something. One green one white A chain Now replicate We’re going to go side by side with two chains, so let me show you this. shaped One white Two green one white Two green and one white Two chains side by side I’m making peanuts Still the same As before I did Close up of a chain Let’s not forget our bottoms don’t melt. I turned it down. Side by side I’m closing three. I made a chain Green film From here Waiting right here first I made a chain I turned it down. Side by side Kurdish thing I’m closing A chain I put it down and I leave it. Picking up white Party Normal 3 Closing One green on white I made a chain 3 white I’m closing I made a chain I’m getting green Pinned it here the bottom We’il do the front. Left corner I’m turning this off I’m getting white Let’s make the auction now Let’s make an auction I turned it off We did the second boost by making it back into your pocket In this way So I’ve shown our whole order the same way like this Let’s complete After the green part is complete Now I’m moving to the other part. I’m getting I made a chain I’m making two chains here yapıyorum I closed a chain of peanuts up the hill again What do I do I’m leaving it, I’m getting the other color film right away. With a chain Let’s fix it here. I made a chain again I do not know Making Dream Peanuts shaped I made a chain of three off a pink yellow one Let’s not forget to play from there. I need it all right now I’m leaving a look who’s taking Side by side 2 I made you a chain I’m closing three of you in a pink one Where I closed the bottom Right next door I’m closing three. I made a chain I turned it down. the type I’m leaving the other one and I’m gaining 2 pounds. Side by side Close up of three dice on a pink dice 2 I turned it down. mobile I’m leaving it tomorrow I’m getting to the side Close up of a pink two yellow three I closed a new chain I made a I’m doing the bottom I’m going to turn you all down now and we’re going to turn all of us. We’re gonna go here and let’s turn us all One Chain Let’s do it here, we’re going to do it right away, let’s make peanuts from the side Together I closed a chain I made a chain Type Three together I made a chain I turned it down. Side to side type Three together We’re not going to go any more here. We’re going to subtract again A peanut next to two of them I closed a chain I made a new one the bottom In the last corner I’m doing all three I close it this way 1 2 3 4 5 We need to have 6 hernias and now we will continue We came one, two, three, four, five, six, we got angry. Now we’re going to walk all the way up here by making a chain for all of us. I’ve been sleeping for 4 days Calculate a chain of watches Going down We’ve come all this way We’ll do it like we did this I’il take it from the side. I made a chain off both of them I closed a peanut and I make it to the bottom There was two corners doing side by side I’m closing three. I closed a chain I made a chain What do I do 2 was going to do here Three in one I turn it off with a chain planting I’m picking up a peanut from here. Are we making a letter I’ve made a chain off all of them I’m closing a strong Yes here too The total number of prints should be 6, so the other parts do the same Now we’ve done this by tearing off the edges. We’ll make the edge of the section as soon as we show you what we’re doing My constants immediately Training stationary reviews I made 2 chains I’m making 1 peanut right here Crochet ummah born field chain will do in vain I’m convicted with a click again We will do We’il close the triple Say three together I’m closing I’m waiting right here I say again 3 chain fixed 3 small We did some kind of jelly flower and a side chain here. I’m switching to peanuts I’m closing Chain fixed reviews Let’s secure the chain After doing 3 of this way, let’s switch to the side with 2 chains Close 3 healthy comments of the nervous system 3 times Let’s do the same 1 chain here We came to the corner We will make 2 Fix it with a chain A chain in the same place Let’s do the second I say the chain is fixed Same shape with two chains crossing There will be 2 I say superior courage Let’s do the same three times here. A religion is the same place I do the second place I’m closing I say the chain is fixed That way, two of them were down again with the chain in the house. Here I made my crochet purpose you were born I’m closing both I want superior courage 1 chain I passed Again the same process Let’s do it here. Find this process and let’s do it here There are two peanuts in the corners. We have collected the following binary Now there are 2 single peanuts I made 2 chains Right here I’m making peanuts I’m just getting off the chain again without closing it. The nuts I did in the review was 2 I’ve been now again from the corner I’ll close as I’m getting a little stronger in Figure Three in one I made a chain I say fixed I make a chain here I hide it 3 times I’m doing 1/2 chain and I keep going back often Oh, come on. I’m closing My chain constants Again the same operations We will apply the way There are two chains in the corner we’re making two here Let’s make two here. I am not righteous with chain I’m doing a chain second to the same place Two new chains to the other side with two chains We’il make it low I’ve been making an occasional chain to the same place 12 double peanuts side by side I made 2 chains I’m making a peanut down here. Then I get thrown out here. I’m doing it to the party Two of them I’m closing this way to be done collectively on top Let’s complete like this After making the edges of the shape where we started two chains here fixed both of us No longer Tell me to show you close We had a great beautiful model I tried to explain to the smallest detail by Allah’s leave In this way You can subscribe to my channel and you can support me by liking Many thanks in advance Thank you for your support I’m surely waiting to see you again.


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çok güzel örmüşsünüz abla, hepsi harika 🙂

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Yine harika bir model ellerine emeyine saglik

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جميييبل جدا تسلم الايادي çok güzel

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Lütfen videomuzu Strawberry Mattress'e çevirin

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Thxs for putting in english 🙏😊😊😊😊

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