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Hello to all of Suna Hobi YouTube channel Today I will show you how to make this beautiful fiber Our model is so easy Handy beautiful model As A great model that our children and loved ones will like I’m starting to build now Let’s start your Bismillahirrahmanirrahim modem I made one or two chains. I make peanuts per chain I made a chain I’m doing another one again without closing. In this way, the two together I close with a chain Back to top I make 1 peanut Closing a Chain Again A peanut up the hill the bottom Side by side I made a chain I shut all three together We’re making a peanut augment I’m doing it in the last corner. I made them a chain I’m making one over here Close up of a peanut on a chain up the hill again The bottom was 2 Three to the side together I closed a chain I made a chain Side by side Wesson threesome getting from the corner I’m closing together, we’il do a research with a chain One last corner where I’m closing I’m making another one I’m closing with a chain and we’il switch to another color. Tell me I have three peanuts. I’m back with a chain I’m getting diarrhea for both of us Let me take each other now I wish I was back here Health We will continue with the prairie I made a chain of peanuts hill the bottom Side by side Three in one I’m closing I made a chain again I turned it down. Side by side Three in one I made a chain Threesome close to the end Three in one I’m closing I raise with a chain I closed a new one A corner By increasing this way Let’s continue to knit 7 peanuts side by side until possible I have 7 peanuts dug together as long as possible 123456 and I need to have 1 1 2 3 4 rows of knitting Now we’ll make minus slime I’m back with a chain Back to top I make a peanut and I make it sideways I made a chain off both of them I closed it down again the bottom From Three in one I’m closing this way to the end of our turn by closing the triple and turn again I’m about to come back again during Yes Such Let’s get in line I’m back with a chain Returning back to the top We’re not raising any more peanuts here. I’m taking them from the side. I’m closing I made a chain A peanut up the hill Side to side Three in one I’m closing Yes we’ll make our shortcomings in this way 4 side by side peanut lace We will continue how much we will continue the process of decreasing 4 peanuts possible We have made 1234 1234567 after the peanut to reduce Now to waste all of us Let’s fix it forward with the chain Let’s fix it this way I came to the corner, the two of us will stay here. What are we gonna do Let me just show you where we’re all going. There are four peanuts in the corner, we’re going to listen. Let’s fix it here. Let’s make a chain I’m making peanuts Close a chain again A peanut up the hill I’m doing it to fat bottom again 2 and now I’m doing it side by side I’m closing three. I made a chain again I turned it down. the bottom Side by side Three in one I’m closing I have 2 side by side peanuts Make a peanut here I made a chain A peanut back up the hill the bottom Side by side Three in one I’m closing A chain We’re going to close the trio and raise. I’m closing three of a chains of peanuts here Another in the Left Corner Three in one I’m closing Now the rope principle is completed Let’s do the edge Tell me you’ll make the edges of my ears I cut the rope there, two, two, three side by side peanuts at bottom 2. 1 has made a row increase Now We’il make the edge with the rope we left here. Say it again. Let’s make a chain I’m making peanuts here. in Figure I’m doing it back to the side Where pink is and up I made a chain I shut all three together A peanut over here I’m doing it in the corner With 3 I’m closing again, we’re in the corner, we’re going to increase. Here’s a peanut again. The only one who did a chain off both of them I turned it down. Another one in the corner Side by side I’m closing three. There are 3 peanuts in the corner and we go to the other corner by closing the trio. Yes, we’ve come to the corner and now we’re going to increase it again by closing Let’s ask a peanut here. Another one in the left corner If I make a chain I close the two of them closed again I’m making another one in a corner again. I’m turning sideways I made a chain I shut all three together NR1 To the left corner this place is important I’m crocheting all of us and I’ll do it side by side I have 4 peanuts. I’m closing the problem together Yes The number of peanuts that we can puff all of our ears completed on the edges 1 There must be 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 I’ll show you the starting point in your ears and it will be the same again. We’re going to go back to the sides of the other ear. Let’s make a chain here Let’s fix all of us a little more in the same way We’il do your ear Let me show you how many I’m shutting down a chain. Bottom side I’m closing three. I’m going back with a chain Now we’re going to increase up there will be 3 side by side Let’s do it this way In the same way I did the other Coke now I’ll show the transition We’re going to go right. Healthy comments to the bottom like this Waiting for the chain again We have a peanut to start here. We’re making a peanut here. Now I take it from the bottom of the man And I take it from the side I’il tell you the three together Closeup of a chain crossing Let’s do the edges here, just like our ears, let’s do Ali’s eye muscle once Let’s make some chains for all of us 1234 I made 6 chains here I know the bottom is fixed to the second Tell me I’m making a chain that has formed a small ring I’m making peanuts here. Closing a chain up the hill again the bottom Give me two I closed a chain I made a chain The vain ring Two to one I’m closing a chain on the floor again To no avail of our people I made a chain off both of them Up a hill the bottom Two of them I’m closing I have a chain of two, two, four, four next to each other. Here in vain of our people We’re making another one to this starting point. The top of the peanuts we started. I’m closing all three together One, two, four, four, six, six, one by one, peanuts. Let’s move to the other part of the eye point, let’s leave a little bit of rope We’re gonna cry because I made one, two, three chains. Not knowing too little I made a little bit of a peanut. Here 3 times Let’s wrap it up I’m closing 8 favor Here’s a little Let’s cut it remotely Because we’re going to bring it back. Let’s I’m passing it across. Now let’s tie them up Let’s cut the fish Discourse Eye part ready to move on to the other section Let’s do it on the mustache and nose part Let’s leave a little green Here a Two chain Aptamil threw the meybuz I’m making peanuts in Yalta I’m closing I made 2 chains I made a chain like this. Not a bit too far I cut off the tits Let’s cut the other one. Let’s just sell it. Some of it is ready. Now we’re gonna make a mess. Now let’s show him his eyes and nose. I have a thick needle elifim After knotting Let’s place it in a healthy way Discourse Cherry Taking from all of us I am drinking Such around Let’s go around twice We’re getting a little sick Discourse In this way Let’s do the judge in the same way and We’il make your nose Let’s show the Mini on the nose again in the same way I bought a thick needle Black color pin chef In this way I bring again from the same place I spent again Across Let’s spend it like this up to the nerve. Trace this process Just because Make sure the spa is up to you After showing 2 people like this, we will tie the knot from behind Now let’s show you how to combine, show us where to do it first. 1234567 I got a peanut, I’m putting the team in the corner. In the same way, our motif motif Diyar Let’s 1 2 3 4 5 6 and 7 From here I spent agriculture again We’re all gonna eat hard There’s 1 2 3 peanuts in the ear Now don’t get us all here. I Sabitleyel Let’s make peanuts here. Holding the word yapıyorum I made a chain I’m going next door I’m making 2 chains again yapıyorum I’m closing I made a chain Again in the same way We take healthy comments together I’m making peanuts I’m closing If I could make a chain Fixed comments In this way, up to the We’re gonna have to get 7 peanuts. There will be 3 4 5 6 and 7 peanuts, so let’s get to the corner We came to tea making 7 peanuts 7 other now I’m getting We’re going to go up again I got my food I don’t know I’m passing through here I’ve always made a chain I’m making peanuts I closed the chain I say one up fixed taking two of them I made a chain Peanut I’m closing a Chain clock reviews I made a chain Close up of a chain I’m going out this way Let’s go up to 7 peanuts as much as possible Let’s do the other part in the same way Let’s continue Yes, our clip is complete, so I finally make one big peanut By tying this behind I’ve spent it so complete I’ve tried to explain to the smallest detail by Allah’s leave It was a lovely welcome for both of us Subscribe to my channel I like it very much thanks in advance Thank you very much I am waiting for your support Hope to see you again.


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So​ beautiful​😍👍💐🌹

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I'm amazed. Mouse fiber model has been spectacular.

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