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Today, you will see Why Dina’s Audi is for sale. Again. Nick Ryabov’s new project – The Red Bogatyr. And the new trash video by Vik Mots. Hey, everyone! And we’re starting this video traditionally
with some unexpected news. Stas Pefti’s Lada 21111
that served him well for about 4 years has been sold. According to Stas,
it’s gone from Krasnodar Krai [S]: It’s going really far far away.
We’re at the loading station. The carriers are over there. But he never mentioned
the exact destination. Because the new owner asked him
to keep it in the dark for now. What is Stas’s new project gonna be –
that we’ll find out next month. But here’s a little taste – it’s gonna be big. But that’s not it. Remember I once said that Dina sold her Audi and now the new owners –
the studio Epicenter of the Sound are going to treat us
to something interesting next season. Well, false alarm. We won’t see a new project by them here. For fairly plain reasons. Reason One – Viktor Bondar’,
the Audi’s owner, quit the studio. He’s gone solo now. Reason Two – he bluntly lacks the time to do it as there are several projects
in progress at the moment Now, them we’ll check out closer now. Infinity FX30 is all ready
to stun people around with its killer rear. The trunk lid houses
18 pcs of Pride Violet. A bit lower, in the trunk,
there use to be eight Solo 8. But the punch seemed to be insufficient. That’s why they were soon replaced with W8 mids. The higher frequency range
is covered by eight Pride H1. I think you all realize this project
has no intention of doing well in the lower range. The target here
is nice and well-balanced loud sound with an even
frequency response in other ranges. Next up from the guys is a Cadillac whose system is currently being rebuilt. They are planning to lose the rear seats and throw in two 15″ subs. Let’s get back to Dina’s Audi. By now, the system’s been
completely taken down but the craftwork is still there. Also, the suspension has been fixed the consumables have been changed, and right now,
the car is up for sale. SUBSCRIBER PROJECTS Ah! It must feel so great
to realize your kids share your hobby. Oh, wait! I didn’t say anything yet. Mike Yevangulov
is presenting his Pride monobrand project. As we often hear it, the car
wasn’t initially intended to house an audio. It was bought just for work. But we all know this opinion is faulty. and the wish to kick it up
always overpowers the common sense. After some brief cosmetic work on this Izh i.e. re-painting it in black matte and putting a few stickers on the guys started crafting covers
to house six pairs of Ruby 8 and three pairs of T-35 horns. Next in line was the bass set. Initially, they made a bass reflex
for two Ural Patriots that leat the sys to figures of 154+ db But, unfortunately, no photos were left
so check out this kitty in the box. By now, the sub set
and the arrangement have been altered. The Patriots have been replaced
with two 18″ S-series Pride subs in a 4th order BP. The craftwork needs some finishing, tho. In the new year, there will be
some armoured glass for the port. And the result will go up to 157+ dB. The fun part here is that Mike
was assisted all the way by his kid Nastya. And that is one hell of support for a dad. Need a hammer
or to check out the hair-trickability? Easy! Next, meet Artyom Paramonov
and his loud-front BMW! This car’s history does have
something in common with the previous project. since the BMW was bought
to help quit car audio for good in the first place. Nice try, Arty. – No way! The first audio system
comprised a Mystery sub set Series
– Woo shee bull sh*t. …and 13″ Urals in the stock spots. But after one of the dB Drags
the action started. The interior taken out,
complete noise-proofing wiring laid,
covers for four pairs of Solo v.2 four pairs Voilets
and two pairs of drivers crafted. This season’s sub set
was pretty modes for a show car, tho. One 15″ FX. But the objectives were different, too Those were to get the indicator
to show big figures in the frontal part. Which it did. Multiple prizes and a spot
in the top-3 of the BTL format. In the new season, Arty promises
to upgrade his system completely. The front will now comprise
12 pairs of Solo v.2. There will be a wall
for four 15″ FX subwoofers. And there’ll be
a Pioneer-monobrand rear. [K]: Hi, everyone! My name is Ksenia. [K]: I am a marketing manager
with the Flex Car Audio shop. [K]: And now I want to tell you
about our new project – The Red Bogatyr. [laughs hysterically] Nice start! [K]: The name is not random.
For one, the car is in color red. [K]: And it will become a bogatyr
with the help of our boys from /Bass Aggressor/. [K]: Our boys are very handy. We kinda got that. Now, let’s get serious. The Bass Aggressor studio
run by Nick Ryabov is preparing a new project in a Crysler. According to Nick,
this car will be one of a kind in the world. Which is pretty obvious at a glance. First of all,
this is not a regular sedan. It’s a limo. Second, there’s the unique scheme
of the future arrangement. It will ba able to perform
five hair tricks at once. Two in the front
and three in the back. This will be reached
due to two ports lead to opposite sides. The project itself will be marketed
as a Ural Team show car that will house over ten pcs of [K]: Not 15 but 18 – …-inch Ulimatum subwoofers. And over 50 pairs of Patriot speakers. At the moment, the limo interior
is completely taken down. The cage’s been already welded
and they’re starting to cover it with plywood. [V]: Where did this damn pusher do the drop? [V]: Ah! There it is! [The law forbids us to show
narcotic substances and people smoking weed 🙂 ] [V]: Dope! [V]: Check me out!
Imma turtle! – Yo! Got a buck?
[V]: What? Nah. [V]: Wroom wrrroooom… – Watch out! Cops! – Excuse me, sir. Are you high? [V]: Who’s high?
– You’re holding a bathtub. [V]: Where? – Here! [SMACK] [V]: Ouch! Like Vik promised,
the new trash video came out pretty soon. This time, he started it off
with a purchase of a bathtub. What do you think it was for? That’s right! To turn it into a vehicle. And that’s no kidding here. The guys installed a toiled for the seat. It might double
as a sub box in the future. There are controllable wheels in the back and a scooter in the front
as both the engine and the steer. To see the full video of this bathtub vehicle to see how they built it
and what for, go to the Alphard Group’s channel. And I’ll just throw in a spoiler –
this was an intermediary video. Right now, the guys are working
on installing the audio system. And once it’s all done,
Vik will take a ride… well, you know where. And this is it for today. Bye, everyone.
Live LOUD.


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