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The Pre-K is a program for children who have turned four years old by August 31st. Children discover the wonders of their world — of good friends, of caring teachers, of make-believe and creative play in Pre-K. Together we laugh, play, listen to wonderful stories, talk and realize how unique we all are!

Songs, painting, books, puzzles, blocks, and imaginative play are all part of our day. All children are encouraged to make their own decisions, explore their own interests, and develop their own sense of independence. We help prepare children for their BIG step into Kindergarten!

We discover the wonders of our world, of good friends, of caring teachers, and of make-believe and creative play in Pre-Kindergarten.  We laugh, play, listen to wonderful stories, talk and realize how unique each of us is.

Finger plays, singing, painting, drawing, blocks, imaginative play, discovery table, books, puzzles and manipulatives are a part of the day. Through science, field trips, cooking and “hands-on” projects we extend our learning of the environment and thinking for ourselves. We build a foundation for a joy of learning and the knowledge that we each hold a special place in the world.

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday [8:30 – 12:00 pm]


The Grace Preschool is a preschool program for children who are at least three years old by November 31st. The hands-on theme-based curriculum of the Grace Preschool meets the developmental needs of three & four-year-old children through the use of art, music, stories, movement activities, field trips, and much more.

Parents are welcome to assist in the classroom or volunteer to support the school in some other way. This gives families an opportunity to be actively involved in their child’s first educational experience!

The Preschool provides a program in which children make their own discoveries through hands-on experiences.  A rice table, several types of blocks, table toys, manipulatives, books and a dramatic play area are provided as a few of the play choices available to the children.

The curriculum is based on a thematic approach.  Our projects in art and cooking, our songs and finger plays, as well as our stories and discussions are all centered around a current theme.  Gross motor activities take place during outdoor time (weather permitting), or through movement activities indoors.

An informal newsletter with information about the classroom themes will be sent home with the children at the beginning of each month.  Ideas and suggestions for other activities are always welcome!

Hours of operation: [8:30 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.]

Two sessions: Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday